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  • Information for monitoring catch to ensure it stays within limits is required by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.
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NOAA OCIO Mission FY2015 – FY2018

To deliver information and technology services to enable NOAA’s mission.


An efficient and advanced information enterprise that propels and protects NOAA’s missions.


NOAA OCIO has established three organizational goals to be achieved by 2018. These goals demonstrate OCIO’s vision for supporting NOAA’s mission:

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Advance the mission using innovative IT

1.1. Enable NOAA’s mission requirements with advanced IT solutions
1.2. Enable the workforce to do their jobs more efficiently through collaboration tools and advanced technologies
1.3. Increase visibility and accessibility to applications through mobile technology

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Protect the Mission

2.1. Establish a secure architecture to improve mission resiliency
2.2. Improve the enterprise’s response-readiness posture.
2.3. Deliver secure and standard technologies to enable reallocation of resources towards the mission

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Achieve Excellence in IT Service Delivery

3.1. Restructure the IT workforce to promote effective, customer-focused service delivery
3.2. Serve as a provider of choice for technology-neutral enterprise IT service and infrastructure



OCIO Strategic Planning Documents

NOAA Big Data Alliance Department of Commerce (DOC) Secretary Pritzker announced the launch of NOAA's Data Alliance project. NOAA will share data through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and the Open Cloud Consortium. CRADA partners will join with interested private 3rd parties and leverage their cloud computing capabilities to develop "big data" value-added products and services. [Issued April 2015]
N-Wave, NOAA's science network N-Wave is built on partnerships and relationships among NOAA and the Academic and State research network communities, connecting researchers to the data and resources needed to advance environmental science. See the Latest Newsletter. [Updated April, 2015]
DOC Geospatial Strategic Plan 2014-2018 The NOAA's Geographic Information Systems group is charting a course to make geospatial data more widely available, well managed, and more useful to Commerce, its partners, and the public. [Issued 2014]
High Performance Computing Strategic Plan NOAA OCIO manages operational and research and development (R&D) high performance computing, with guidance and oversight from the High Performance Computing Program Board. [Issued 2014]
Network Optimization Strategic Plan The network roadmap comprises four main goals: Deliver Enterprise Transport Services, Enhance NOAA’s Network Security, Scale Network Capabilities, and Optimize Network Services. [Issued 2014]
OCIO Strategic IT Plan NOAA OCIO is delivering efficient shared enterprise information services that propels and protects NOAA's mission. [Issued 2015]


Security Incident Reporting Form


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