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12/22/2016 REGISTER HERE for the 2017 GMD Financial Assistance Workshop: "Charting New Waters, The Map to Financial Assistance"
12/16/2016 FY18 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
09/29/2016 FY 17 Year End Cut Off & Late Acquisition Grant Memo
06/03/2016 FY16 Late Acquisition and Grants Request Memorandum
01/19/2016 Pro-Tech Satellite Domain Industry Day
12/16/2015 FY17 Acquisition Planning Memorandum
07/28/2015 Updated GMD Budget Narrative Guidance is Now Available
07/13/2015 Pro-Tech Industry Day
01/15/2015 NCMA Interview with AGO Director
07/03/2012 Conference and Group Travel Policies and Procedure
06/25/2012 All hands Acquisition Stand Down
10/26/2011 Interagency Agreements for Assisted Acquisitions
03/29/2011 All Hands Memo from AGO Director
03/18/2011 "Myth-Busting": Addressing Misconceptions to Improve Communication with Industry During the Acquisition Process
03/07/2011 Mandatory Use of NOAALink Program and Contracts for IT Services and Products
12/06/2010 New Policy on Federal Funding Opportunity Notices
01/21/2009 All Hands Memo from AGO Director

Financial Assistance
Cutoff Dates
All Financial Assistance Final Plans FRI  02/17/17
All Financial Assistance Actions FRI  07/07/17
All Financial Assistance Obligations and Recordation (Tentative Date*) THU 09/28/17

Acquisition Cutoff Dates FY2017
Simplified and Commercial Acquisition      
≤ $15,000.00
FRI  07/28/17
Simplified and Commercial Acquisition  
>$15,000.00 - $150,000.00
FRI  07/07/17
Order Against Existing Contract
Multiple Award Contract [1] 
≤$10,000,000.00 FRI  03/10/17
>$10,000,000.00 FRI  11/18/16
Order Against Existing Contract
Single Award Contract [2] 
≤$10,000,000.00 FRI  07/07/17
>$10,000,000.00 FRI  03/03/17
Contract >$150,000.00 - $700,000.00 FRI  03/31/17
Contract >$700,000.00 - $1,500,000.00 FRI  02/17/17
Contract >$1,500,000.00 - $10,000,000.00 MON  01/23/17
Contract >$10,000,000.00 TUE  10/18/16
Interagency Acquisitions ≤ $10,000,000.00 (direct or assisted) FRI  06/23/17
Interagency Acquisitions > $10,000,000.00 (direct or assisted) FRI  05/26/17
Deobligation Request for Funds Identified by Finance as FY17 Cancelling Funds
(Submit to CCT[3] only)
THU  08/31/17
Modifications (Administrative/Funding) FRI  07/28/17
FAAPS[4] WED  05/31/17
All Acquisition Obligations and Recordation (Tentative Date*) FRI  09/22/17


Awareness of and adherence to the established Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT) for an action is necessary in order to meet the FY2017 cut-off date.  Commerce Acquisition Manual, Section 1307.1 Appendix C should be considered in the context of the cutoff dates. For any action not identified above, consult the Contracting Officer for the appropriate submission timeframe.

[1] Examples of an order against an existing contract (multiple award): Orders against a GSA Schedule, GWAC (NITAAC), 8(a) STARS II, NASA SEWP, or NOAALink Small Business Track Core Contracts (multiple contractors)

[2] Example of an order against an existing contract (single award): Order against NOAALink SMS Track Core Contract (one contractor)

[3] Contract Closeout Team

[4] The FAAPS cut-off date is established for pulling the FAAPs data that will be used to determine the planned workload for the next fiscal year.

*Tentative Dates for final obligation and recordation: The actual dates for Grants, Financial Assistance, Cooperative Agreements, and Purchase Card Transactions are established by the NOAA Finance Office and will be provided once finalized.