Data Management Facility

The Data Management Facility (DMF), is the central collection point for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (ARM) raw data. The DMF collects data from three primary locations: the Southern Great Plains (SGP), Tropical Western Pacific (TWP), and North Slope of Alaska (NSA), plus from two ARM Mobile Facilities (AMF) during their deployments around the world. Beginning in late 2013, a new primary observation site, identified as the Eastern North Atlantic (ENA), will be deployed on Graciosa Island in the Azores, as well as a new extended mobile facility (up to five years) at Oliktok Point, Alaska.

DMF Operations is able to monitor instruments at all of these locations through a graphical user interface, the Data System Status Viewer (DSview). This monitoring tool provides an overview of the site instruments' current status, and the DMF processing environment, as well as detailed messages and access to system resources.

The DMF staff encourages users to contact for all DMF questions or concerns.