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MODIS Land Product Subsets


Earth, Western Hemisphere The goal of the MODIS Land Product Subsets project is to provide summaries of selected MODIS Land Products for the community to use for validation of models and remote-sensing products and to characterize field sites.
Output files contain pixel values of MODIS land products in text format and in GeoTIFF format. In addition, data visualizations (time series plots and grids showing single composite periods) are available.

MODIS Land Product Subsets Resources

The following MODIS Land Product Subsets resources are maintained by the ORNL DAAC:

Get MODIS Subsets (Collection 5)

Field Site and Flux tower

Obtain MODIS subsets for areas centered on more than 1,000 field sites and flux towers from around the world:

Global Tool

Order MODIS subsets for any site, area (from 1 pixel up to 201 x 201 km) and time period globally:

Web Service

Programmatically obtain MODIS subsets for any land location, time period and area (from 1 pixel up to 201 x 201 km) using a SOAP Web Service