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  • Microwave satellite overpass time history
  • Global Real-Time 3-Hourly Precipitation Analysis of TRMM DATA
  • Interactive Analysis and Display with TOVAS
  • ENSO Precipitation Analyses (Research and Monitoring)
  • Precipitation patterns in the tropics and subtropics for the last 12 months
    image showing Last 30 day average rainfall image showing Last 30 day rainfall anomalies

    The precipitation research group in the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes (Code 612) has constructed a number of data sets containing estimates of precipitation which are available at this site. Some estimates are sufficiently well developed that other researchers can find the data and associated products useful. Potential users are urged to pay careful attention to the differences among the data sets and to check back for updates to the data sets. Questions should be directed to the data set originators. All local binary data sets are held in Silicon Graphics (big endian) format.

    NOTICE: GPCP V2.2 has been superseded by GPCP V2.3 which is now available at GPCP V2.2 is still available on this page but it is recommended that users transition to GPCP V2.3. As the corresponding new 1DD V1.3 is still in beta test, 1DD V1.2 is still provided on this page. Users should note that 1DD V1.2 is not consistent with GPCP V2.3. Links to the GPCP Pentad data are preserved on this page. For questions regarding access to the GPCP V2.3 or the beta 1DD V1.3 please contact Bob Adler ( or JJ Wang (

    Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP)
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    Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission ( TRMM )
    Monthly Data 3-Hourly DataNear-Real-TimeClimatology
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