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Notice of Decision

Point of Contact


NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information's (NCEI) Center for Coasts, Oceans and Geophysics (CCOG) has completed our assessment of the Metadata Enterprise Resource Management Aid (MERMAid) product. We truly appreciate all of our users who took the time to send us their comments on the future of MERMAid. Based on the user needs reflected in these comments, MERMAid will be discontinued as of March 30, 2017. Any published metadata on the NCEI's WAF from existing accounts will be available until March 30, 2017. NCEI will export existing metadata records upon request. We will no longer issue new MERMAid accounts.

Metadata Matters

Metadata Enterprise Resource Management Aid (MERMAid)

While you will no longer have access to MERMAid for the creation of new metadata records, NCEI is here to help you meet your metadata needs. We will continue to provide guidance on record development, and to offer record review, and training services. If you are interested in transitioning your CSDGM metadata to ISO 19115-2, we will be happy to provide you with either one-on-one assistance or with online training. We can also help you find alternate sources for the editing, validation and publication of your standard CSDGM and related profile metadata. You can contact us by email at or by telephone at 866-732-2382.

Metadata Training Options

We are currently working on the 2016 online metadata training schedule. Please visit our Training Webpage for the most up-to-date training information.

How to Archive Data at NCEI

If you would like to archive data at NCEI, here are some options to assist you with your metadata needs:

  • The Advanced Tracking and Resource tool for Archive Collections (ATRAC) provides an interface for users to enter and display information on archiving products at NCEI. You may also create an ISO 19115-2 record independent of the archive process.
  • Send2NCEI (S2N) is an archiving tool that allows you to easily submit your data files and related documentation to NCEI for long term preservation, stewardship, and access.

ISO Metadata Development Tools

Tools that support the development of ISO metadata include:

Alternative CSDGM Editors

If you are in need of a CSDGM editor, here are the links to several available free editors: