Dark Sunwell Plate Set

Dark Sunwell Plate Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP boss drops from Sunwell Plateau
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:
This collection is comprised of two seperate sets which the same models and colouration, one of which was originally designed for protection warriors, the other for DPS warriors and paladins. There are three pieces in each of the extended Warrior Tier 6 sets which fit this appearance perfectly and also drop from Sunwell bosses: Onslaught Waists, Onslaught Wrists and Onslaught Feet, which are of course only available to warriors.

The sets are a mix, with some items being obtained simply as boss/trash drops, whereas others have to be traded from Yrma <Transmuter of Sin’dorei Relics> on the Island of Quel’Danas. Yrma will exchange an item with you at the cost of one Sunmote and one specific Sunwell boss drop of the same armor slot.

Gathering the set pieces will require a raid group, even of level 85 characters, as many of the Sunwell encounters are particularly challenging, or have mechanics requiring multiple players.

Protection Warrior Version

HeadCrown of Dath’Remar (Exchanged for 1 Sunmote and Crown of Anasterian, from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% drop rate)
ShouldersPauldrons of Perseverance (BoP from Lady Sacrolash & Grand Warlock Alythess in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% rate)
ChestBreastplate of Agony’s Aversion (Exchanged for 1 Sunmote and Warharness of Reckless Fury, from M’uru/Entropius in Sunwell Plateau, at a 15% drop rate)
GlovesBorderland Fortress Grips (BoP from Felmyst in Sunwell Plateau, at a 15% rate)
LegsFelstrength Legplates (Exchanged for 1 Sunmote and Felfury Legplates, from Brutallus; in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% drop rate)

Melee DPS Version

HeadCrown of Anasterian (BoP from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% drop rate)
ShouldersPauldrons of Berserking (Exchanged for 1 Sunmote and Pauldrons of Perseverance, from Lady Sacrolash & Grand Warlock Alythess in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% rate)
ChestWarharness of Reckless Fury (BoP from M’uru/Entropius in Sunwell Plateau, at a 15% drop rate)
GlovesBorderland Paingrips (BoP from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, at an 18% drop rate)
LegsFelfury Legplates (BoP from Brutallus in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% drop rate)

2-Handed SwordApolyon, the Soul-Render (BoP from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, at a 16% drop rate)
ShirtCommon Gray Shirt (Vendor purchase)

An alternative chestpiece for this set is the Hard Khorium Battleplate, which is created by blacksmiths using Plans: Hard Khorium Battleplate. Likewise, there are matching smithed gloves, the Hard Khorium Battlefists, created with Plans: Hard Khorium Battlefists. Both patterns are rare drop from random Sunwell trash mobs, however, it should be noted that not only are the patterns rare, but the items they create are also BoP, and thus only available to blacksmiths.


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11 Responses to “Dark Sunwell Plate Set”

  1. Hjarrand says:

    A nice set look for the RP of a blood DK which i curently use is combining this set with Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates, Redsteel Gauntlets (http://www.wowhead.com/item=55026) (http://www.wowhead.com/item=51314#.) and Grinning Skull Greatboots (http://www.wowhead.com/item=50625)

    whole preview:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve found the http://www.wowhead.com/item=28608 to be a good feet replacement for my DK, as well as http://www.wowhead.com/item=32333 for the waist. Not exactly perfect, but good enough.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For belt replacements:
    Dragonslayer’s Brace – http://www.wowhead.com/item=45139
    Veteran’s Ornamented Belt – http://www.wowhead.com/item=32988
    Veteran’s Plate Belt – http://www.wowhead.com/item=32805

    For boots:
    Halgrind Greaves – http://www.wowhead.com/item=36324

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, i really appreciate that you made yourself the work to find these alternate skins, but still there are non to match to those three warrior sunwell look discribed above…i hope that they will change it back, its unfair that paladins still can get their stylelook complete and with the new transmogrification feature they will be able to wear it again, but warriors can’t…sorry i am not going to wear an incomplete style set…with no really match alternatives…i hope this issue will be solved swiftly…

    • -- says:

      Another matching belt:

      Redsteel Belt – http://www.wowhead.com/item=55027

  4. -- says:

    it seems that the feets and belt does not match. looks like they were redisigned to look like the Tier warrior 6 set. Unfortunately. Any idea of other matching itmes?

    • Noelani says:

      They used to match this set, but it seems that within the last few weeks they were changed to match T6. That means, to the best of my knowledge, that there are now no matching boots, belts or bracers at all for this set. I’ll investigate further.

      Edit: Interestingly, I’ve noticed that my priests Sunwell T6 pieces have not changed to match the other Absolution items, but kept their light Sunwell cloth appearance. Hrm…

  5. BloodStorm says:


    Any alternative to feet and waist for non warriors characters?


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