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Trichothene Toxicity Symptoms

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Stachybotrys microbiology information.

Comprehensive table of trichothene toxicity symptoms

Stachybotrys Mycology Detailed table listing the characteristics of stachybotrys
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My Profession My specialty is orthopaedic surgery. I am board certified.  This field encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of injuries to and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.  Examples of typical orthopaedic problems include carpal tunnel syndrome, joint replacement for arthritis (total hips and knees), fractures, spinal surgery (disk removal, fusions), sports medicine (knee and other joint arthroscopic surgeries), reconstructive surgery for deformities due to congenital and acquired deformities of children (congenital hip dislocation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida) and a wide variety of non-operative conditions such as low back pain.
My Symptoms My symptoms initially included tremendous fatigue, malaise, muscle aches and cramps, 
restlessness, inability to sleep, and severe burning in my chest with exertion (due to profound pulmonary small airway disease). The muscle aches and cramps, restlessness, and inability to sleep have largely resolved, but the others remain with a gradual tendency to decrease.

My problem now is that I can't go near, much less work with, any paper or books contaminated by the mold spores. This includes medical books, charts, magazines etc. If I do get exposed, I become ill again for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon the intensity and length of exposure.

I found that with each exposure I got, my sensitivity would increase; that is, it would take increasingly smaller amounts of the mycotoxins on the spores to make me ill.

Since my exposure to and intoxication from stachybotrys I have become so sensitized to smoke that I can't go into the operating room because of the smoke generated by the electrocautery. I become very ill and incapacitated with exposure to incredibly small quantities of smoke. Interestingly, before my career in orthopaedic surgery, I did complete a residency in pediatrics.  More interestingly, I was quite interested in poisoning and toxicity as children are not infrequently  poisoned by ingestion of various medications and chemicals.  During the residency I wrote a paper titled "Hyperglycemia associated with Diphenylhydantion Intoxication", published in The Journal of Pediatrics.  How prophetic that someday I would be affected by some type of toxicity!

My Experience with stachybotrys toxicity. My nightmarish experience began with a gradual onset of symptoms as described above. Mold was discovered in a bathroom of our house.  Unfortunately, I didn't understand the significance of that black mold with a rather peculiar odor. When we tried to dry out the moldy areas with fans, as suggested by our local pest control company, my illness rapidly escalated. My family (wife and two boys) was not affected in the least by this mold, nor were any of our visitors. 

I soon had to move out of the house; I actually lived in a tent for about one week.  As it was summer, it wasn't too bad. I continued to conduct my business as usuall, figuring I could move back in shortly as soon as my contractor had the mold cleaned up. Frankly, my family was beginning to think I was loosing my sanity!

What actually happened from that point on is still a blur in my mind. Since then I have lived in about  forty different motel rooms trying to figure out how to get away from this toxic stuff. (The links at the top of this page to 'posts' and 'path' will better help the reader to understand this.) Also, I have lived in four new houses, the most recent being devoid of any carpet, rugs, stuffed furniture etc. It is basically sparsely furnished with a tile floor, no rugs and vinyl window dressings. Additionally, I and my family had to get rid of  all of our possessions including, financial records, bank statements, pictures, photographs, photograph albums, clothing, furniture, books (including my entire medical library and journal's collected over a thirty-year period, bedding, kitchenware, silverware, computers, automobiles, desks, chairs, office machines, family heirlooms - everything. 

In the middle of this nightmare, I became ill enough to require hospitalization along with a protracted course of steroids (cortisone). The problems I had with long term steroid therapy will take a page or two to describe.

This story is far from complete. I will keep adding, editing and revising until the job is done.