• NASA GeneLab Data Repository

    NASA GeneLab will expand scientists’ access to experiments that explore the molecular response of terrestrial biology to spaceflight environments. The vast amounts of raw data generated by experiments aboard the International Space Station will be made available to a worldwide community of scientists and computational researchers.

    This data repository holds NASA's space biology datasets.

    For more information about NASA GeneLab, please refer to our overview website at genelab.nasa.gov. Another source of information is the GeneLab Strategic Plan.

    Study Metadata

    Study data hosted in the repository include a metadata definition file that is formatted according the ISA-Tab specification, which is viewable using the ISA Tools ISACreator program using a customized GeneLab configuration. Consumers of the metadata files should load this configuration, ISA configuration files, into the ISACreator program prior to loading the ISA-Tab file set, in order to view the study metadata completely and correctly.

    GeneLab Sponsors

    NASA GeneLab is sponsored by the NASA Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications Division (SLPSRA) and the NASA International Space Station Program.

    Contributing Datasets to GeneLab

    Please refer to our data submission process to contribute your data to NASA GeneLab.