Commissioner Dawn L. Henry, Esq.Dawn L. Henry, Esq.
Commissioner’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Planning and Natural Resources’ (DPNR) new and improved website. This new site has consolidated all 10 divisions of the Department into one interactive and comprehensive web site.

Through this venue we intend to highlight the initiatives, activities, and programs of each division, while allowing for downloadable permit applications.  The easy navigational functions offer a more user-friendly site with quick links to other associated pages.

The Department has undergone a paradigm shift from “business as usual”.  This shift was necessary to ensure the efficient delivery of services consistent with the Department’s mandates: to protect, maintain and manage the natural and cultural resources of the Virgin Islands, through the coordination of economic development, in collaboration with local, federal and non-government organizations, enabling present and future Virgin Island generations to live safer, fuller lives in harmony with their environment and cultural heritage.

This can only be achieved by utilizing a strategy that encompasses the following core competencies: leading change, leading people, results driven, business acumen, and building coalitions.

DPNR is committed to a comprehensive approach which considers all societal implications in achieving the Department’s overarching mandate of promoting/facilitating sustainable development.  It is also critical for the integration of our cultural, historic, and intellectual resources, and the preservation thereof, into the overall development scheme.

As such, it is necessary to implement a “new vision”, where the Department’s role in the sustainable economic development of the Territory is underscored, as well as the requisite regulatory functions, necessary to accomplish same.

Welcome to the NEW Department of Planning and Natural Resources.