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Global Organization for Earth System Science Portals (GO-ESSP)

What is GO-ESSP?


The Global Organization for Earth System Science Portals ( GO-ESSP ) is a collaboration designed to develop a new generation of software infrastructure that will provide distributed access to observed and simulated data from the climate and weather communities. GO-ESSP will achieve this goal by developing individual software components and by building a federation of frameworks that can work together using agreed-upon standards. The GO-ESSP portal frameworks will provide efficient mechanisms for data discovery, access, and analysis of the data.

GO-ESSP Partners

The distributed nature of climate and weather data requires institutions participating in GO-ESSP to work closely together -- crossing institutional, agency and international boundaries. GO-ESSP has evolved into a collaboration that involves software developers from both Europe and the United States. Click here for the principal investigators.

GO-ESSP News and Meetings

If you have questions about GO-ESSP, email us at go-essp@ucar.edu.