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Attn State and Local Wildland Fire Protection Program Customers

State and Local Activity Address Code (AAC) Suspension. Effective January 1, 2016, state and local customers using the "12" series AAC to DLA equipment will see a cancellation code of "CQ" indicating the AAC is not an authorized user. To acquire an authorized AAC, please send an email containing your name, address, phone and AAC number to


SASOR data source conducts data updates between 0600-0900 ET. It is recommended that SASOR reports be run outside this refresh window.


If you are able to log onto DOD EMALL and need assistance with using or placing an order in DOD EMALL please contact the Customer Interaction Center at 1-877-352-2255. If you are unable to log onto DOD EMALL or if you are receiving a technical error condition while using DOD EMALL please contact the Enterprise Helpdesk at 1-855-352-0001.

Military Uniform Special Measurement Orders

Back Shirt Length has been added to special measurement shirts. Any questions on properly measuring for a specific garment should be directed to the Special Measurement/CAD office: TrpSptC&T-Patterns;

Attention ROTC Customers

ROTC customers are reminded that they are not authorized to purchase boots where a Local Stock Number is listed. Please see the approved NSN's in Self Help

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