Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project

Status Note- 25.04.2014


Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project.


1.         Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Govt. of India entered into a Framework Agreement with the Govt. of Myanmar in April 2008 to facilitate implementation of the project. The Framework Agreement is based on a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for development of the Multimodal Transit Transport system to the North Eastern states through Myanmar prepared by Indian Consultant M/s RITES during 2003. The transit route envisaged between Kolkata (nearest Indian port / commercial hub) and Mizoram as per the current implementation programme (after revision of the DPR for Port & Inland Water Transport components by Inland Waterways Authority of India in 2009) comprises of following segments. 

        Stretch                                                             Mode                                    Distance   


(1)   Kolkata to Sittwe port in Myanmar                 Shipping                                  539 km


(2)   Sittwe to Paletwa                       Inland Water Transport (IWT)                      158 km

       (River Kaladan)


(3)   Paletwa to Indo-Myanmar Border                    Road                                    110 km

       (in Myanmar)


(4)   Border to NH.54 (Lawngtlai)                             Road                                   100 km

            (in India) 


            The connectivity between mainland India and Sittwe (Myanmar) could as well be with any other port on the Indian coast.

2.         Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) is the Project Development Consultant (PDC) appointed by the MEA in March 2009 for implementation of the Port & IWT components - the stretch (2) mentioned in para.1 above. M/s Essar Projects India Limited, Mumbai is the main Contractor for these components appointed by MEA in April 2010. The Contract value is Rs. 342 crores. Agreement was signed in the month of May 2010.




(a) Port & IWT components


  • Construction of an integrated Port & Inland Water Transport (IWT) terminal at Sittwe including Dredging.


  • Development of navigational channel along river Kaladan from Sittwe to Paletwa (158 km).


  • Construction of an IWT - Highway transhipment terminal at Paletwa.


  • Construction of 6 IWT barges (300 Ton capacity) for transportation of cargo between Sittwe and Paletwa.


(b) Highway component


  • Construction of a highway from Paletwa to India-Myanmar border for 110 kms. [Agency (M/s. IRCON) to execute Road component being arranged by MEA]




  • MEA is the nodal agency on Indian side


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is the nodal agency on the Myanmar side.


  • Framework Agreement and two protocols (Protocol on Transit Transport and Protocol on maintenance) signed by the two sides on 2nd April 2008.   


  • Article 4 of the Framework Agreement provides for appointment of a Project Development Consultant (PDC).


  • Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has been appointed as the PDC vide agreement dated 19.3.2009 between MEA and IWAI. The responsibility of IWAI as PDC is at present for implementation of the Port & IWT components.




  • Preparation for selection of main contractor for  Port & IWT components (Agency to execute Road component being arranged by MEA)


  • Construction supervision and overall project management of Port & IWT components.


  • Co-ordination / Liaison between nodal agencies and Contractors for  Port & IWT component


6.         Construction of integrated Port cum IWT jetty at Sittwe is substantially completed. IWAI is performing the overall project management and quality control for which it has also engaged M/s URS Scott Wilson India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon as its Supervision Consultant (appointed by IWAI through tendering). The item wise present physical progress are mentioned below:-

Sittwe :-

  • Reclamation of land for backup facilities – 96% completed
  • Construction of Rubble mounted Dyke -85% completed.
  • The Approach Jetty for both the Port & IWT Jetty – 100% completed..
  • Main Jetty piling work for both the Port & IWT – 100% completed
  • Pre-cast concrete works for IWT & Port Jetty at Sittwe - 100% completed.
  • Quantity of 10.6 Lakhs Cu.m.( Total quantity 12.0 lakhs Cu.m), which is about 90% of the dredging at Sittwe port area has been completed.
  • Construction of backup facilities structures (Port Office, IWT Office, Covered Storage, Electrical & Generator room, Canteen/rest room etc.) is in progress.
  • Construction of 6 Nos. of Barges 300 T capacity each has started in March 2013 and is in progress at Yangon through IWT, Govt. of Myanmar, who is the sub- contractor for this component.
  • Construction of Drain (additional item) – 100% completed.

Paletwa :-

  • Construction work of IWT terminal has started in April 2013
  • Major part of earthwork & excavation work is completed.
  • The Approach Jetty pile work  – 100% completed
  • Main Jetty piling work  – 100 % completed
  • Backup facility works is in progress.
  • Pre-Dredging survey work for 3 Nos. of Shoal area (Total 6 Nos. of Shoals) was completed in October 2013.
  • CSD Dredgers of M/s. DWIR, Govt. of Myanmar (Sub-contractor for River dredging work) was Mobilised in the month of February 2014 and Dredging at Paletwa Shoal is under progress


7.         The construction activities at Sittwe in Myanmar started in December 2010. As on date, the physical progress achieved is 79% (approx.) and financial progress is 65% (approx.) i.e Rs. 224 crores has been recorded till date. Original time schedule for completion of this component was till June 2013 which has now been extended till June 2014 due to delay in handing over of land at Sittwe & Paletwa, custom clearances & other approvals by Govt. of Myanmar. All items of works under this component are progressing well.

8.    The construction of stretch / component of road in Myanmar is being arranged by MEA and it will have a separate Project Development Consultant. The Border to NH.54 (Lawngtlai) Road on Indian side in Mizoram is in progress and under the overall control of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India.


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