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    That's a wrap! See you all next week. Shout-out to our research partner,

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    There are health topics that people are afraid to talk about. is another way people can get help.

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    I hope gets big enough, fast enough that might buy them out - would be a great fit.

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    I don't want to the government knowing that I rent RVs.

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    Pitch 2: is the RV market as the airbnb for RV's in Canada.

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    Pitch 1: lets you ask a question to real doctors online. They already have a million+ users and 20,000+ doctors.

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    According to Dr. Cavoukian surveys show that 90% are concerned about privacy.

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    Dr. Ann Cavoukian: is essential to freedom. But without strong security you don't get freedom.

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    Dr. Ann Cavoukian: We owe a huge debt of gratitude for revealing what's been going on.

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    . asked if was afraid. His reply: "I feel good about what I've done, whatever the consequences."

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    . tells : "The framework of oversight in Canada has completely collapsed"

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    I'm not ok with unauthorized use of my data; says this is about power, economic gain & nothing to do with security.

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    On the topic of cyber security and privacy: I'm ok with use of my data if it results in better service…

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    . sat down with to talk Canadian surveillance, + more in yesterday's thought-provoking talk at .

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    News of the week: Recapping 's showstopping interview with Edward at yesterday.

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    . says Blackberry cooperates with government agencies. "This is why they're going to be erased from history."

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    Join us now for our season 5 premiere of where + explore + look for the next big thing!

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    Kindred founder says robot takeover is coming via :

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    Join us tonight on at 7 pm ET for our season 5 premiere where we explore privacy and government spying vs corporate spying!

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