Real-Time NEXSAT North America Composite imagery

NexSat is a public-accessible weather satellite website developed and maintained by NRL Monterey .

Real-Time NAVGEM N. America 500 hPa Heights, Winds, Temp. TAU 0-168

The NAVGEM system, developed by the Naval Research Laboratory Global Modeling and Data Assimilation sections, is a state-of-the-art global numerical weather prediction model.

Sample COAMPS-TC display of an Atlantic Hurricaine.

Providing verification of tropical cyclone forecasts worldwide, not only Atlantic, also the East, Central and West Pacific. COAMPS-TC is in real-time to evaluate the performance in the 2005, 2008, and current hurricane season.

Real-time NAAPS AOD 5 day Forecast

NRL Monterey Aerosol and Radiation Section products include the NAAPS, Flambe, and Google Earth products.

Photo NRLMRY Satellite Dish

About NRL's Marine Meteorology Division

About Us

The Marine Meteorology Division is part of  NRL's Ocean and Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate covering the bottom of the ocean to the top of the atmosphere to meet identified and anticipated needs of the Navy and Marine Corps... more

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From its inception as Project AROWA to present day. The Marine Meteorology Division's contribution to the field of meterorology and the U.S. Naval Community has a rich history.... read more


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Research & Products


Discover some of the current research programs our scientists have been working on.. read more


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Naval Research Laboratory

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Over 85 years of Innovation, Research and Applications that touch the world

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Scientific Research

Code 7504: The Probabilistic Prediction Research Office is NRL Monterey's newest addition.. read more


Code 7530: The Atmospheric Dynamics and Prediction Branch focuses on science and technology related to the analysis and prediction of atmospheric processes that impact fleet operations .. read more


Code 7540: The Meteorological Applications Development Branch is responsible for development of an automated and on-demand weather impact information delivery system.. read more

NRL Video's

The NRL Video tells the story of the Naval Research Laboratory's watch the Videoworld-class science and technology.
Produced by the NRL Public Affairs Office and Technical Information Services Branch.

Operational Transitions

Much of the Marine Meteorology Division's applied research is focused on developing and transitioning products that are used by operational customers to support the DOD mission.. read more


NRL places a high value on external collaboration and we seek partnerships with academic, industrial, and government agencies that can assist us in applying cutting-edge science and technology to Navy problems.. read more

NRL Monterey Images

NRLMRY Aerosol ImageryEnjoy popular images generated by our research and projects..
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Working at NRLMRY Best Place to work PostDocs 2012 Best Diviersity company 2010

Working at NRL Monterey

The Marine Meteorology Division of the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, CA has employment opportunities for permanent civil service positions, long-term and short-term visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellowships, and interns in a variety of research areas, with the type of appointment dependent upon the qualifications and interests of the successful candidates. .. read more

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