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Now is good time to respond to wheat stages

Growth stages indicate when it’s time to apply post-emergence herbicides for weed control, and scout for soil-borne viral diseases and early-season foliar diseases. Read more

Lawn and garden
The versatile houseplant

Very few plants can boast of colorful, long-lasting flowers and attractive foliage the remainder of the year. Kalanchoe delivers both, making it a very versatile houseplant. Read more

Natural resources
Stink bugs try to find warm home for the winter

An ounce of prevention is the best medicine for keeping stink bugs and other insect pests such as the multicolored Asian lady beetle at bay. Put screens over windows, doors and vents. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU FRTI receives new specialized mobile fire training simulator

The system is incorporated with a trailer to make training as accessible as possible. The institute offers 80 percent of its training in the field to meet career and volunteer fire service schedules and needs. Read more

Community and leadership
Welcome to Alianzas

Our program is here to facilitate and promote effective intercultural communication. We form alliances with MU Extension specialists, Latino residents and the larger community of Missouri. Read more

Nutrition and health
Beans are inexpensive, healthy and convenient

Beans are one of the best values around. One cup of cooked pinto beans provides 14 grams of fiber, 14 grams of protein, less than one gram of fat and around 230 calories. Read more

Linda Jo Turner named '4-H Bridge Builder'

Lorene Trickey, right, wife of former Missouri 4-H Foundation trustee Nelson Trickey, and daughter Linda Trickey, left, present the Nelson Trickey 4-H Bridge Builder Award to Jo Turner. Read more

Emergency management
Reduce your risk of injury or death from lightning

If you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear thunder, then divide by five. This is the distance in miles the lightning is away. Any distance less than 10 miles puts you in danger. Seek shelter immediately. Read more

Families and relationships
Car seat safety

Car crashes kill more children 1 to 14 years old than any other cause, so adults need to know which child safety seats to use and how to install them correctly. Read more

Home and consumer life
MU Extension offers mobile energy education unit

The mobile unit gives homeowners and renters an opportunity to learn different ways they can make their home more efficient, comfortable and less expensive to heat or cool. Read more

Business and careers
Roam Sticks, LLC — La Plata success story

John and Holly Arbuckle own and operate Singing Prairie Farm in La Plata, Their roaming, contented pigs are the foundation of the first and only non-GMO, pasture-raised pork snack stick available nationally. Read more

'Grow Your Farm' sessions begin in Mount Vernon

MU Extension, through a USDA grant, helps veterans, Latinos and socially disadvantaged persons who want to farm. The program's goal is to increase agribusinesses and enterprise development. Read more

Openings remain for workshops on marketing timber

Landowners will learn how to improve the quality of their trees and market their timber. Read more

Holstein cow produces nearly 24 gallons of milk per day

The Lawrence County cow outperforms most of her regional counterparts, producing just short of three times as much milk per day. Read more

MU Extension launching online leadership program

Leadership Online For Today (LOFT) is an interactive program that allows participants to improve communication skills, build relationships and networks, and develop a collaborative project to benefit a community or organization. Read more

Will my trees survive the ice?

Any medical first-responder will tell you that Rule No. 1 is to stay calm. Doing the right things right can make the difference between giving your trees a good chance of survival and losing them unnecessarily. Read more

Online resources for winter weather

MU Extension has compiled a list of websites, extension publications, news releases and other online resources for coping before, during and after winter storms. Read more

Watch a video about generator safety concerns

When the power goes out people need to be careful about how they try to stay warm. Gasoline-powered generators can help restore some power to homes, but if used incorrectly the generators can be deadly. Carbon monoxide can kill people in minutes. Read more

New online Master Gardener training class begins

Register now for Jan. 30 start. Read more

January gardening calendar

Gently brush off heavy snows from tree and shrub branches. Read more

Protect against colds and flu

One defense is to get plenty of vitamin E. Read more

Winter car care can keep your vehicle running through the cold

A simple checklist starts with the battery. A cold car battery can't deliver as much current. If your car has an aging battery, you might want to have it load tested to see if it will be up to the job. Read more

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