Irssi 1.0.0 Released

Posted on January 5th 2017

Irssi 1.0.0 has been released. This release contains many improvements. Irssi 1.0.0 includes contributions by Lukas Mai, Xavier G, Kenny Root, Jari Matilainen, Todd A. Pratt, Manish Goregaokar, B. Thibault, Joseph Bisch, Will Storey, Lauri Tirkkonen, Lauri Nurmi, Tom Feist, Thomas Samson, Dennis Schagt, Mantas Mikulėnas and François Revol. In total, 132 files changed, 3434 lines were added and 3202 lines deleted and TheLemonMan officially joined the staff. Thanks everyone! See the NEWS for details.

This release also includes the security fixes from 0.8.21, which was published at the same time as 1.0.0. Please read the 0.8.21 release notes and the security advisory.

Some hi(gh)lights:

This release can be downloaded from our releases page. Binary test packages for various Linux distributions are automatically generated by the openSUSE Build Service and are available for download in the irssi-test repository.

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The Irssi Team.