Reading Reform Foundation of New York has adhered to its original mission: to improve reading instruction for all children.

Reading Reform Foundation teaching techniques produce vibrant classrooms and raised test scores.

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Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon: Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time


What is Reading Reform Foundation's Successful Approach?

Students are taught the written form of the sounds of English, which they then put into words. This makes English logical. As the students write the words, they learn the approximately two dozen spelling rules that govern English. The students also learn to examine words for their roots and meanings, allowing for more thoughtful reading and better comprehension.

When invited by school principals, Reading Reform Foundation's consultants come twice a week to the classrooms of teachers who have completed a course. The specific phonics-based approaches that employ multisensory techniques of teaching and learning can then be applied in a real-life setting.

This means that the students simultaneously see, say, hear and write everything they are being taught. Our training includes both informative courses for teachers and an in-school program.

Groundbreaking Education Partnership Established in 2014

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Who Are We?

Reading Reform Foundation of New York, a 34 year-old not-for-profit organization, was founded by a group of teachers to improve the teaching of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. The Founders were convinced by their own experience that all children could learn to read if they were taught properly.

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Breaking News!

Reading Reform Foundation will be providing a pilot project of teacher training for school year 2015-16 in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education and Manhattanville College. This program aligns with Chancellor Farina’s vision of providing professional learning opportunities that will develop expertise among school leadership and staff to support capacity building within schools.

Our Handbook

Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon:

Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time

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What People Are Saying

"Thank you for the children's dictionary I really like it because now I don't have to use the computer to look up words for my homework."

—Third-grade student, Brooklyn

Upcoming Courses

Reading Reform Foundation offers courses all year round which model the techniques of our approach to teaching. Participants may be certified teachers, administrators or parents. Classes are held in our conveniently located headquarters, one half-block west of Columbus Circle.

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