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My foods. My fitness. My health.
Get your personalized nutrition and physical activity plan.
Track your foods and physical activities to see how they stack up.
Get tips and support to help you make healthier choices and plan ahead.
Food-A-Pedia >
Look up nutrition info for over 8,000 foods and compare foods side-by-side.
Bag of groceries
Food Tracker >
Track the foods you eat and compare to your nutrition targets.
Plate of healthy foods
Physical Activity Tracker >
Enter your activities and track progress as you move.
My Weight Manager >
Get weight management guidance; enter your weight and track progress over time.
Weight scale
My Top 5 Goals >
Choose up to 5 personal goals; sign up for tips and support from your virtual coach.
To-do list
Group Challenges >
NEW: Group Leaders can create a healthy eating and/or physical activity challenge.
Get Started > Find out what and how much to eat. Personalize your experience by creating your profile, and get a plan tailored for you.

Or, use the general plan.
My Plate Image