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Select Investigative Panel

The mission of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives (as it is informally known) is to gather information and get the facts about medical practices of abortion service providers and the business practices of the procurement organizations who sell baby body parts. Our select investigative panel will help centralize the investigations already being conducted by Congress at the Energy and Commerce, Judiciary and Oversight Committees by bringing it primarily under one umbrella.

Pursuant to H. Res. 461, the Select Investigative Panel of the Committee on Energy and Commerce will have jurisdiction to review the following:

  1. Medical procedures and business practices used by entities involved in fetal tissue procurement
  2. Any other matters with respect to fetal tissue procurement
  3. Federal funding and support for abortion providers
  4. The practices of providers of second and third trimester abortions, including partial birth abortion procedures that may lead to a child born alive as a result of an attempted abortion
  5. Medical procedures for the care of a child born alive as a result of an attempted abortion
  6. Any changes in law or regulation necessary as a result of any other findings made

If you are an individual working for an abortion clinic, in the fetal tissue industry, doing biotech research, or have information you believe would be pertinent to our investigation, please submit it using the form below. Any personal information that you provide us will be kept in strict confidence.

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