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Hanawi Stream near Nahiku, Maui, Hawaii.


Water Resources of the Pacific Islands

Aloha! Welcome to the USGS Web page for the water resources of Hawaii and the Pacific area. This is your direct link to water-resource information and products for the State of Hawaii, the U.S. Territories of Guam and American Samoa, the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

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sir 2016-5103 Scientific Investigations Report 2016-5103new
Low-Flow Characteristics for Streams on the Islands of Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Moloka‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i, State of Hawai‘i.
sir 2015-5164 Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5164
Volcanic Aquifers of Hawai‘i—Hydrogeology, Water Budgets, and Conceptual Models.
sir 2015-5128 Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5128
Storage capacity of the Fena Valley Reservoir, Guam, Mariana Islands, 2014.
sir 2015-5010 Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5010
Spatially Distributed Groundwater Recharge for 2010 Land Cover Estimated Using a Water-Budget Model for the Island of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i.

sir 2014-5158 Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5158
Baseline Water-Quality Sampling to Infer Nutrient and Contaminant Sources at Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park, Island of Hawai‘i, 2009.

sir 2014-5168 Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5168
Spatially Distributed Groundwater Recharge Estimated Using a Water-Budget Model for the Island of Maui, Hawai‘i, 1978–2007.

ofr 2014-1173 Open-File Report 2014-1173
Water-Chemistry Data Collected in and near Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park, Hawai‘i, 2012–2014.

sir 2014-5087 Scientific Investigations Report 2014-5087
Low-Flow Characteristics of Streams in the Lahaina District, West Maui, Hawai‘i.

sir 2013-5216 Scientific Investigations Report 2013-5216
The Effects of Withdrawals and Drought on Groundwater Availability in the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer, Guam.

Circular 1312 Circular 1312
Ground Water on Tropical Pacific Islands—Understanding a Vital Resource.

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16284200: Flow=7.8cfs,Stage=2.84ft,2016-12-16 03:30,>90,Waihee Str nr Kahaluu, Oahu, HI 16283200: Flow=4.4cfs,Stage=1.34ft,2016-12-16 03:15,76-90,Kahaluu Str nr Ahuimanu, Oahu, HI 16275000: Flow=3.2cfs,Stage=1.77ft,2016-12-16 03:15,76-90,Heeia Stream at Haiku Valley nr Kaneohe, Oahu, HI 16240500: Flow=4.9cfs,Stage=0.43ft,2016-12-16 03:15,76-90,Waiakeakua Str at Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16010000: Flow=46cfs,Stage=2.96ft,2016-12-16 03:15,76-90,Kawaikoi Stream nr Waimea, Kauai, HI 16304200: Flow=0.37cfs,Stage=3.15ft,2016-12-16 03:15,10-24,Kaluanui Stream nr Punaluu, Oahu, HI 16211600: Flow=0.17cfs,Stage=0.97ft,2016-12-16 03:30,10-24,Makaha Str nr Makaha, Oahu, HI 16200000: Flow=2.7cfs,Stage=1.73ft,2016-12-16 03:15,10-24,NF Kaukonahua Str abv RB, nr Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 16071500: Flow=0.87cfs,Stage=0.92ft,2016-12-16 03:45,10-24,Left Branch Opaekaa Str nr Kapaa, Kauai, HI 16725000: Flow=4.0cfs,Stage=2.24ft,2016-12-16 03:00,25-75,Alakahi Stream near Kamuela, HI 16720000: Flow=9.2cfs,Stage=1.67ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Kawainui Stream nr Kamuela, HI 16717000: Flow=28cfs,Stage=2.70ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Honolii Stream nr Papaikou, HI 16704000: Flow=72cfs,Stage=2.65ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Wailuku River at Piihonua, HI 16620000: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.68ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Honokohau Stream near Honokohau, Maui, HI 16618000: Flow=9.0cfs,Stage=0.98ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Kahakuloa Stream near Honokohau, Maui, HI 16614000: Flow=53cfs,Stage=1.84ft,2016-12-16 03:00,25-75,Waihee Rv abv Waihee Dtch intk nr Waihee, Maui, HI 16587000: Flow=4.3cfs,Stage=0.75ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Honopou Stream near Huelo, Maui, HI 16518000: Flow=11cfs,Stage=1.93ft,2016-12-16 03:15,25-75,West Wailuaiki Stream near Keanae, Maui, HI 16508000: Flow=9.2cfs,Stage=0.75ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Hanawi Stream near Nahiku, Maui, HI 16400000: Flow=21cfs,Stage=2.25ft,2016-12-16 03:15,25-75,Halawa Stream near Halawa, Molokai, HI 16345000: Flow=2.9cfs,Stage=1.72ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Opaeula Str nr Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 16330000: Flow=3.1cfs,Stage=1.86ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Kamananui Str at Maunawai, Oahu, HI 16301050: Flow=21cfs,Stage=3.91ft,2016-12-16 03:00,25-75,Punaluu Str abv Punaluu Ditch Intake, Oahu, HI 16296500: Flow=29cfs,Stage=1.32ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Kahana Str at alt 30 ft nr Kahana, Oahu, HI 16254000: Flow=3.3cfs,Stage=5.63ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Makawao Str nr Kailua, Oahu, HI 16244000: Flow=0.81cfs,Stage=0.98ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Pukele Stream near Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16238500: Flow=1.5cfs,Stage=1.76ft,2016-12-16 03:15,25-75,Waihi Stream at Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16229000: Flow=2.8cfs,Stage=2.27ft,2016-12-16 03:15,25-75,Kalihi Str nr Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16213000: Flow=23cfs,Stage=2.09ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Waikele Str at Waipahu, Oahu, HI 16208000: Flow=7.0cfs,Stage=1.53ft,2016-12-16 03:00,25-75,SF Kaukonahua Str at E pump, nr Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 16108000: Flow=58cfs,Stage=1.53ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Wainiha River nr Hanalei, Kauai, HI 16097500: Flow=8.1cfs,Stage=1.03ft,2016-12-16 03:30,25-75,Halaulani Str at alt 400 ft nr Kilauea, Kauai, HI 16068000: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.23ft,2016-12-16 03:15,25-75,EB of NF Wailua River nr Lihue, Kauai, HI 16060000: Flow=60cfs,Stage=2.61ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,SF Wailua River nr Lihue, Kauai, HI 16019000: Flow=7.7cfs,Stage=1.05ft,2016-12-16 03:45,25-75,Waialae Str at alt 3,820 ft nr Waimea, Kauai, HI 213320158061401: Stage=14.33ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Kemoo 5 Reservoir, Oahu, HI 213308158035601: Stage=23.33ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Helemano 6 Reservoir, Oahu, HI 213259158035101: Stage=3.10ft,2013-07-23 00:00,Not ranked,Helemano 16 Reservoir, Oahu, HI 213133158014201: Stage=44.24ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Upper Helemano Reservoir near Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 212604158012700: Flow=0.01cfs,2010-10-03 23:45,Stage=3.43ft,2010-01-02 00:00:00,Not ranked,Mililani Storm Drain A at Mililani, Oahu, HI 211722157485601: Stage=1.20ft,2010-11-15 09:15,Not ranked,H-1 storm drain at Kapiolani Ave, Oahu, HI 16770500: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=0.78ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Paauau Gulch at Pahala, HI 16759600: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.04ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Waiaha Stream at Holualoa, HI 16604500: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,Wailuku River at Kepaniwai Park, Maui, HI 16599500: Flow=2.0cfs,2007-10-11 23:45,Not ranked,Opana Tunnel near Kailiili, Maui, HI 16552800: Flow=0.13cfs,Stage=0.68ft,2016-12-16 03:15,Not ranked,Waikamoi Str abv Kula PL intake nr Olinda, Maui,HI 16501200: Flow=179cfs,Stage=2.60ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Oheo Gulch at dam near Kipahulu, Maui, HI 16415600: Flow=0.00cfs,2011-09-30 23:45,Stage=7.09ft,2016-12-16 03:30:00,Not ranked,Kawela Gulch near Moku, Molokai, HI 16414200: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=3.58ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Kaunakakai Gulch at altitude 75 feet, Molokai, HI 16350100: Stage=0.88ft,2013-11-13 23:45,Not ranked,Opaeula Str at Joseph Leong Hwy, Haleiwa, Oahu, HI 16343100: Stage=1.72ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Helemano Str at Joseph Leong Hwy, Haleiwa, Oahu,HI 16325000: Stage=0.62ft,2016-12-16 03:00,Not ranked,Kamananui Str at Pupukea Mil Rd, Oahu, HI 16303000: Flow=4.9cfs,2009-01-31 23:45,Not ranked,Punaluu Str nr Punaluu, Oahu, HI 16302000: Flow=3.2cfs,2008-12-30 23:45,Not ranked,Punaluu Ditch nr Punaluu, Oahu, HI 16295300: Flow=0.26cfs,2008-10-14 00:00,Not ranked,Hakipuu Stream near Waikane, Oahu, HI 16294900: Flow=13cfs,Stage=3.16ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Waikane Str at alt 75 ft at Waikane, Oahu, HI 16294100: Flow=38cfs,Stage=7.52ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Waiahole Stream above Kamehameha Hwy, Oahu, HI 16274100: Stage=16.05ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Kaneohe Str blw Kamehameha Hwy, Oahu, HI 16265000: Stage=3.52ft,2016-12-16 03:45:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,Kawa Str at Kaneohe, Oahu, HI 16264690: Stage=4.81ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Kawainui Stream near Kailua, Oahu, HI 16264600: Stage=4.79ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Kawainui Marsh nr levee sta 15+00, Oahu, HI 16249000: Flow=2.3cfs,Stage=7.10ft,2016-12-16 03:40,Not ranked,Waimanalo Str at Waimanalo, Oahu, HI 16247900: Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,Kuliouou Valley at Kuliouou, Oahu, HI 16247100: Flow=87cfs,Stage=1.85ft,2016-12-16 04:00,Not ranked,Manoa-Palolo Drainage Canal at Moiliili, Oahu, HI 16246000: Flow=0.28cfs,2014-10-16 23:45,Not ranked,Waiomao Stream near Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16242500: Flow=8.4cfs,2014-11-06 23:45,Not ranked,Manoa Str at Kanewai Field, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16241600: Flow=7.4cfs,Stage=4.59ft,2016-12-16 03:15,Not ranked,Manoa Stream at Woodlawn Drive, Oahu, HI 16238000: Flow=1.5cfs,Stage=3.09ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Makiki Stream at King St. bridge, Oahu, HI 16227500: Flow=0.02cfs,2016-10-31 13:00,Stage=1.84ft,2016-12-16 04:00:00,Not ranked,Moanalua Stream nr Kaneohe, Oahu, HI 16226400: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=2.74ft,2016-12-16 03:15,Not ranked,N. Halawa Str nr Quar. Stn. at Halawa, Oahu, HI 16226200: Flow=0.29cfs,Stage=6.07ft,2016-12-16 03:15,Not ranked,N. Halawa Str nr Honolulu, Oahu, HI 16225900: Flow=0.00cfs,2009-11-01 23:45,Not ranked,N. Halawa Str at Bridge 8 nr Halawa, Oahu, HI 16212490: Stage=5.32ft,2016-12-16 03:15,Not ranked,Honouliuli Str at H-1 Freeway nr Waipahu, Oahu, HI 16212480: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=3.43ft,2016-12-16 03:30,Not ranked,Honouliuli Stream Tributary near Waipahu, Oahu, HI 16210500: Stage=17.94ft,2016-12-16 04:05,Not ranked,Kaukonahua Str at Waialua, Oahu, HI 16210200: Flow=111cfs,Stage=6.71ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Kaukonahua Stream blw Wahiawa Reservoir, Oahu, HI 16210100: Flow=12cfs,Stage=7.48ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Wahiawa Ditch at Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 16210000: Stage=68.86ft,2016-12-16 03:15,Not ranked,Wahiawa Reservoir at Spillway at Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 16208400: Stage=17.22ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Ku Tree Reservoir near Wahiawa, Oahu, HI 16103000: Flow=125cfs,Stage=2.37ft,2016-12-16 03:00,Not ranked,Hanalei River nr Hanalei, Kauai, HI 16094150: Stage=19.99ft,2016-12-16 03:45,Not ranked,Ka Loko Reservoir near Kilauea, Kauai, HI 16057900: Stage=2.14ft,2016-09-26 12:00,Not ranked,Waiahi Str US Upper Powerhouse, Kauai, HI 16052400: Stage=2.81ft,2016-12-09 13:45,Not ranked,RB Lawai Stream 300ft US of fork, Kauai, HI 16031000: Stage=6.47ft,2016-12-16 03:30:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,Waimea River near Waimea, Kauai, HI Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options