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The Precipitation Processing System (PPS) evolved from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Science Data and Information System (TSDIS).  The purpose of the PPS is to process, analyze and archive data from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, partner satellites and the TRMM mission.  The PPS also supports TRMM by providing validation products from TRMM ground radar sites.  All GPM, TRMM and Partner public data products are available to the science community and the general public from the TRMM/GPM FTP Data Archive. Please note that you need to register to be able to access this data.   You can quickly register with PPS at our registration portal:
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Please note, that this registration requirement is now mandatory per NASA policy and the new metric requirements.

Once registered with us, you can use your registered Email address as both your user name and password to access our public data archive.  Registered researchers can access our "arthurhou" data archive here:
PPS TRMM/GPM Public Data Archive

GPM NRT (Near-Realtime) Data users can find GPM data on our jsimpson (Joanne Simpson) ftp server.  To gain access to the "jsimpson" NRT ftp server, you must indicate in the registration information page that you" intend to access these products immediately!".   If you are already registered, but cannot access the NRT ftp area; please enter your "registered" Email address on the registration information page and then click "Verify Email or Update Info".  Once you receive the "Manage PPS Registration" Email, click on the link and check the appropriate request button/box for "Near-Realtime Products" to ensure data access.

Registered users can also search for GPM, partner and TRMM data, order custom subsets and set up subscriptions using our PPS Data Products Ordering Interface (STORM)

When visiting this website and using STORM and other PPS services, we recommend that all users have the most up to date browser software version to maintain full compatibility. Please note that some incompatibility issues can arise when using the "Safari" web browser  We recomend using Firefox or Chrome for the best user experience.  As of 9/01/2016, this website in keeping with NASA security guidelines supports the most current TLS protocol which is TLS 1.2 , but PPS may support other protocols as circumstances necessitate.


PPS/GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) and TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission)


News and Updates

December 20, 2016: PPS received replacement PR Level1 KA/KU files from JAXA. There was a data outage due to a signifigant power failure at JAXA.  PPS has reprocessed the affected data including combined and downstream products (2AKa, 2AKu, 2ADPR, 2BCMB, 2HCSH, 2HSLH, 3GCSH, 3GSLH) from Dec. 17, 2016 (16:31:39 to 18:04:13). Please see this list for the affected files and browse products. If you have obtained any of these products from our archive or through a Standing Order, etc., please discard these and use the replacement products.

October 05, 2016: Due to an error, PPS will reprocess V04A L1-L3 SSMIS data starting with the last orbit of July 18, 2016 as V04B through the current date and beyond. An error was introduced into the SSMIS L1 products during a small bug fix in July 2016. The 22V cross-pol correction was unexpectedly turned off and caused the 22V channel Tb to be off by 3 - 6 K. This error also affected the SSMIS L2 – L3 precipitation products. Please note that the L2 and L3 Climatology products will also be designated V04B starting with July 1, 2016. If you have already obtained any of these V04A products from our archives or through a Standing order, etc., please discard these and use the replacement V04B products. Please see the V04B Release Notes for details.

September 26, 2016: GPM IMERG data for January 2016 (only) and TMPA 3B42/3B43 final data for January through June 2016 was removed from the PPS FTP archive and replaced with corrected data. For 2016, the gauge analysis data was erroneously not included (input from GPCC), therefore over land, the estimates were purely multi-satellite.  Please note that this error doesn't affect estimates over the ocean. If you have acquired any of the 2016 IMERG or TMPA products mentioned, please discard these and replace them with the newly regenerated products.

August 31, 2016: Level 2 and Level 3 GPROF MHS Version 04A data products starting from February 01, 2014 are available to our registered users on PPS's production ftp server.and can also be ordered through STORM.  Please refer to the following details for the data types now available and for example ftp locations.

August 20, 2016: PPS had to rollback and replace GPM data for August 21, 2016 (Orbit #14083) due to a Geobuilder processing error. If you have previously obtained any of the data listed, please discard these and replace this data with the retro-processed data as referenced.

August 17, 2016: Level 2 and Level 3 GPROF data products for the NPP ATMS starting from March 01, 2014 are available to our registered users on PPS's production ftp server.and can also be ordered through STORM.   The Data Type designations for these include; -2AGPROFNPPATMS, -3GPROFNPPATMS and -3GPROFNPPATMS_DAY. These can be found for example in the respective directory/s: "ftp://arthurhou.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/gpmdata/yyyy/mm/dd/gprof"  . For related GPM GPROF ATBD (Level 2) Documention, please visit: http://rain.atmos.colostate.edu/ATBD/

June 14, 2016:  GPM V04 Data netCDF Problem w/ Software that uses older than netCDF v4.3.3.1.  Version 4 GPM data products can not be read using the version of netCDF. Users are recommended to upgrade to netCDF or later. Any software (OPeNDAP, etc.) that uses older than netCDF Version (what we tested, versions earlier in the 4.3 series may also work) will not be able to read GPM HDF5 Version 4 data.

May 25, 2016:  Starting today, L2-L3 GPROF V04A processing will commence for the F16-19 SSMIS and GCOMW1 AMSR2. Initial processing will start with May 1, 2016, then reprocessing will begin with February 2014 data.

May 20, 2016: New GPM NRT Swath Product Browser
With the GPM Version 04 Update,  PPS is also rolling out an interactive GPM NRT Viewer. This tool displays NRT Level 1C GMI, Level 2A GPROF, and Level 2A DPR data as soon as it is available in the NRT archive on a three-dimensional globe. This viewer is useful for users that don't wish to download the data but look at NRT data as it arrives. Perhaps as a result of seeing something interesting they may also wish to ftp the data. The viewer gives another approach for using GPM NRT data.  Explore GPM NRT data as not possible previously. The viewer is available at:
Please make sure that you have the latest version of a browser that support the https protocol well. 

May 10, 2016:  PPS will be retracting and reprocessing all PPS data between GPM orbits 12472 and 12493.  We believe that the orbital boundaries may be off by 1 second due to an old version of our "leapsec.dat" being erroneously introduced into the production system.  All GPM orbital files will be replaced as well as all L1 - L3 products. (See the GPM L1-L3 products affected here)

May 10, 2016: IMERG Anomalies - The data flow from the Himawari-8 GEO satellite was interrupted for 57 hours, 7 May, 05 UTC – 9 May, 14 UTC and during that time there is a continuous zone of missing values in the IR precipitation data in the center of the Himawari-8 sector (over Japan), where data from the adjoining GEO satellites are unable to fill the gap.  The IR-based displacement vectors were therefore computed using the standard fallback of spatial interpolation.

May 03, 2016: F17 processing has resumed, however from this date forward all 37V channel data will be flagged as bad and Brightness Temperatures will be missing.

April 20, 2016: IMERG Anomalies  -  Beginning with 5 April 0823 UTC, the SSMIS F17 37V channel experienced intermittent noisy values.  Several days of bad data were used in V3 Early and Late processing (detectable by notable swaths of uniform high precipitation over land).  Beginning 26 April 1727 UTC, V3 GPROF-SSMIS F17 retrievals are run excluding the 37V channel.  The quality is somewhat less, but judged to be better than the alternatives (morphed or IR).

March 10 - Present, 2016: PPS is currently transitioning from Version 3 GPM production and NRT (near realtime) data to GPM Version 4 production and NRT data. All Version 3 GMI, DPR, and partner products are expired as of 3/7/16. They will remain available at ftp://arthurhou.pps.eosdis.nasa.gov/gpmallversions/V03, however, they will not be orderable using STORM.  As Version 4 products become available, they will be"selectable" using STORM. Please be aware that a new version of the PPS Toolkit (TKIO version 3.70.8) is required to read GPM Version 4 products.  Version 3.70.8 is also backwards compatible with V3 GPM products. Science Users should also consult the Version 4 GPM Algorithm Format Changes Document.

.Version 3 IMERG data will not currently be expired due to delays in rolling out Version 4 IMERG data

GPM V04 Products Currently Available:
-All Level 1A through 1C-R GMI
-Level 1C V04A partner satellite data products from 3/1/2016 to current
-Level 1B DPR from 3/2/16 to present and 3/2014-5/2014
-Level 2 DPR and Level 3 DPR and Combined data from 3/1/2016.
-Level 2-3 GMI GPROF from March 2016 to Current.  PPS will then reprocess the whole mission starting with March 2014 data.
-Level 2-3 GPROF Climatology Products (SSMIS and AMSR2) data from 3/01/2014.
-Level 2 and 3 GPROF Products for NPP ATMS data is available starting with data from 3/01/2014

Please note that here will be an extended delay in the start of the IMERG version 4 processing.  Partner V04 L2 GPROF will not be available until a TBD date.

For more detailed information, please go to: GPM Version 4 News


Information about the TRMM Descent and Re-Entry

Previous IMPORTANT PPS News and Update Announcements can be viewed here:  


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    PPS Documentation Icon PPS/TRMM documentation TRMM data product documentation can be found here. Version 7 documentation is now available

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