Ranger and students in ancient Pueblo ruins pointing

Shaping the System

Heading into the second century, a new plan will help the National Park Service strategize development of parks and programs.

Two African American Civil War reeanctors holding a period U.S. flag

The Struggle for Civil Rights

While the challenges and goals have varied, the championing of civil rights has been a part of our nation's history since the beginning.

A tan and brown building known as Darrah Hall

Reflecting on Reconstruction

Reconstruction Era National Monument, a new park in South Carolina, sheds more light on an influential period in American history.

Three Asian performers in traditional outfits

Recognizing Our Nation's Diverse Story

New grants will help underrepresented communities add historical and cultural sites to the National Register of Historic Places.

Cockspur Lighthouse standing in the ocean with the water level reaching its base

A New Strategy

As the climate continues to change, the National Park Service developed a new strategy for managing cultural resources.

Park ranger talking to news reporter

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