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General Administration

  • Approvals & Process Travel
  • Procurement, Contracts & Acquisitions
  • Budget Formulation & Monitoring
  • Property/Inventory
  • Process Training Requests
  • ORS Space Management
  • Process Personnel Actions
  • Awards Processing
  • Timekeeping/Leave Schedules

Resources for Training and Development

NIH Transition and A-76 Resources

  • A-76 Studies Affecting ORS and ORF
  • Buyouts and Early Out (VERA)  
  • A-76 Competitive Sourcing
  • NIH Transition Center and Resources

Workforce Management and Planning 


  • NIH Guidelines on Title 5 Case Review
  • NIH Title 42 Scientific Pay Model, Policy Documents and Forms 
  • FTE Management  Employee Performance Contracts and Plans 
  • Awards and Recognition 
  • Flexible Work Schedules  
  • Office of Human Resources  
  • Retirement Resources