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Nicole Kidman BLACKLISTED After Calling For Americans To Support Trump – This Is Not Good

Nicole Kidman is one of the rare celebrities in Hollywood that support Donald Trump. It is pretty simple to understand why some people like Kidma, Denzel Washington, Mark Whalberg, Steve Harvey and many others disobey the liberal lords that want to divide and destroy America.

This ,,conservatives” between the famous celebrities are people who were raised in the american spirit, they have religious and moral values since they were kids and they will NEVER kneel before the Devil’s agenda.

They are proud patriots of America, or better to say proud citizens of the Earth who don’t want to see vast nuclear destruction, corruption of the young people or enslaving the world’s population in the chains of the global corporations. These people are real HUMANIST!


In addition read how Nicole Kidman stands behind this noble ideal and how the sick liberals answered her call:

The world of Hollywood is so radically liberal that saying anything even remotely positive about Donald Trump could ruin an actor’s career. Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman learned that the hard way this week, as she has found herself in hot water with liberals simply because she called on Americans to support our president-elect.

Fox News reported that Kidman, who is married to country music star Keith Urban, said that it is time for Americans to accept the results of the election now that it is over.

“[Trump is] now elected and we, as a country, need to support whoever is the president,” Kidman said on the red carpet of her new film Lion. “That is what the country is based on. And however that happened, it happened, and let’s go.”

This sounds like a completely reasonable statement, and it isn’t even an endorsement of Trump. Despite that, liberals are furious that Kidman would dare to tell them to give their next president a chance, and Twitter has exploded with attacks against her.



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