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FTP Services at the Bureau of Reclamation

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Quick Links for All FTP Accounts

  • Documentation
  • Lost Password Form
  • Change Password Form
  • New ftp accounts no longer accepted.
  • Request Access to a Folder
  • Links for Reclamation Employees only

  • Update User Access to Folders
  • Create a New Folder
  • Request Removal of an Existing Folder
  • ATTENTION: The upload account has been deactivated due to security issues. Users are now required to register for individual accounts.

    You have reached the website providing the usage instructions and the ability to set up an account pertaining to the Bureau of Reclamation FTP services on the ftp.usbr.gov server. This server is intended for only the following services:

    • The ability to transfer large files when email or any other method is not sufficient
    • The ability for Reclamation employees to send files outbound to external customers
    • The ability for external customers to send files inbound to Reclamation employees

    User Account Access

    If you are an external user, you may then request access to a folder. After access is approved, you may connect to the server using an FTP client.

    If you are a Reclamation Employee, you may request access to a folder, create a new folder, and assign user access to the groups you belong to (and have write access).

    Please use an FTP client to connect to: ftp.usbr.gov


    This server must not be used for the transfer of files containing:

    • sensitive or classified information
    • copyright or commercial software
    • personal information or imagery

    This server is constantly monitored for misuse. Any account associated with activities not in compliance with the guidelines of this server will be immediately disabled.

    All files are automatically deleted after 10 days from the upload time.