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Vegetation map of the Seward Peninsula (Range Map, Swanson et al., 1985).

Land Cover and Vegetation in the Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Digital landcover and vegetation maps for the Seward Peninsula are provided as part of the ABoVE project.

Photo of Dr. Nancy Glenn by Allison Corona, Boise State University.

NASA Earthdata user profile: Dr. Nancy Glenn

Dr. Nancy Glenn uses NASA remote sensing data to study vegetation, soils, and landscape change in drylands of the western US.

Wind roses averaged over (a) May-September and (b) October-April for all 3 years during mid-afternoon hours at 32 m above ground level on the CARVE tower (from Karion et al., 2016).

Year-round CO2 concentrations in Alaska

A new CARVE dataset provides measurements of CO2, CH4, and other gases from a fixed tower outside Fairbanks, Alaska.

The ORNL DAAC mission is to assemble, distribute, and provide data services for a comprehensive archive of terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecological dynamics observations and models to facilitate research, education, and decision-making in support of NASA’s Earth science. Read more about the ORNL DAAC.