U.S. Army’s entirely electric, neighborhood electric vehicles (By C. Todd Lopez). N.I.H. Gateway Center's green roof in Bethesda, Maryland. Wind turbines spread across a landscape. HHS using videoconferencing technology to share information. People riding bikes along a paved road. Solar panels on the roof of the EPA building in Denver, Colorado.

Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance

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Welcome to the website for the Office of Federal Sustainability. We have moved many of our documents to FedCenter.gov. If you are unable to find previously posted material at FedCenter, please contact us.

About the Office of Federal Sustainability

The Office of Federal Sustainability is responsible for promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship throughout Federal government operations. Created by Executive Order in 1993, the Office is housed at the President's Council on Environmental Quality, is administered by EPA, and stewards the interagency Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability.

About the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer