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Welcome to Astrodocs

Astrodocs is an external documentation service. It includes documentation for various tools and services provided by the United States Geographical Survey's Astrogeology Department. Navigate the docs by choosing one of the tools on sidebar.

This wiki is for documentation purposes only. It is powered by MediaWiki Software.

What Astrodocs Is

Astrodocs hosts information and tutorials on tools developed and provided by the United States Geological Survey's Astrogeology department. The contents of this wiki are intended to help users access and use the various software and services made available by the department.

  • This site includes background information and descriptions of various software and web services.
  • It also includes tutorials and general help on using the listed tools.
  • English is the primary language used on Astrodocs.

What Astrodocs Is Not

Astrodocs is not a developer tool.
It is intended for software users and does not include information on the back-end of software tools or web services.
Astrodocs is not an internal employee site or forum.
It is not intended as a discussion area for employees and developers of the software or Astrogeology employees. Please visit the Astrogeology Science Center Intranet for these services.
Astrodocs is not a FAQ
The documentation provided on Astrodocs does not serve as the official FAQ or forum on the software it describes. If there is an official FAQ, discussion board or API, it will be provided in the documentation.

Editing Content

Astrogeology intraweb administrators may make changes to the wiki by visiting the Astrodocs Intraweb.