Are LED Bulbs The Greatest Lighting?

LED FlashlightLED bulbs are the latest energy saving innovation in lighting. My most recently acquired LED lighting device was an LED flashlight (shown left) containing 14 mini bulbs from a Menards home store. On my birthday, Menards sent me a card with a certificate for a free LED flashlight, so I thought I would take them up on their offer. I was pleasantly surprised in that this tiny flashlight provides an incredible amount of illumination with its 14 bulbs – I almost could strap two of these to the front of my car if my headlights ever gave out! I liked this flashlight so much I bought 3 more for Christmas gifts at about $6 each. (I guess that was their plan!)

LED bulbs also make great decorative lighting, consuming far less electricity than conventional lighting. At the Energy Savings Blog, they document that LED Christmas tree lights use $0.56 in electricity compared to $6.03 in electricity with mini incandescent lights, and a whopping $25.13 for Grandma’s 4 watt old-fashioned lights! And the brilliant bright light of an LED might make it a very attractive choice for holiday lighting.

With respect to room lighting, LED’s may still be in development since they tend to emit a very intense blinding direct light. Still, they have many uses in specific lighting situations. For example, softer versions, as seen at, may work well for bedside lamps or hallway lights. Also, some of the larger LED bulbs in a frosted design, as seen at, would work well in a floor lamp or desk lamp application. The prices can be a bit high, but often they are rated to last 10+ years.

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