Boat Dives

Pacific Explorers_March 2016 Boat

Dives are planned well in advance, but are dependent on weather and ocean conditions. If in doubt, contact the Beach Dive Coordinator or Boat Dive Coordinator. Let the club know if you plan on going so we may join you. Dive Safe and Have Fun.


January Boat Dive

Anacapa West; Rat Rock and Outer Goldfish

  • Date: Saturday, January 21st, 2017
  • Cost: $130, 3 dives, lunch, snacks, drinks & airfills (not weights)
  • Boat: Raptor, 1559 Spinnaker Dr., Ventura, CA 93001
  • Skill: All Levels. Advanced encouraged
  • Nitrox: EANx for an extra charge
  • Boarding: Board at 7:00 am and departs at 8:00am
  • To Book: Raptor Website, or call 805-650-7700
  • Bonus: Attend and receive a “Participation Raffle” ticket at the General Meeting

Start off 2017 right with a trip to one of Anacapa’s least-frequented dive areas! Rat Rock lies at the farthest west end of Anacapa Island as it descends into the channel between it and Santa Cruz Island. It is not often dived by recreational boats due to the potential for currents which can be elevated in the channel between the islands. Surprisingly, lulls in winter conditions can make this area extra special because of improved visibility, and the nutrients that the prevailing currents bring. Rat Rock features some very special topography including some nice wall area created by the plunging geography of the west island.

Near Rat Rock is a the well-known dive site called Goldfish Bowl. What is not so well known is that outside of the typically attended dive area is a deeper wall known as Outer Goldfish. Like Rat Rock, this area can provide some really nice topography and photographic opportunities.

This trip is open to all divers, but it is recommended to have some advanced diving experience and for divers to carry a Surface Marker Bouy. Currents can change quickly and unpredictably at Rat Rock, so surface aid devices are a really, really good idea. The Raptor is a very fast boat, getting you out to the island in about 45 minutes. Because of this, you don’t have to rise at O-dark-thirty. Boarding begins after 7:00 a.m. and departure is at 8:00 a.m. The boat provides low pressure steel tanks which are perfect for recreational dives around Anacapa. They can also accommodate nitrox, but you need to arrange this with Ventura Dive & Sport at least 48 hours before the trip. You need to bring your own weights and of course all other personal gear.


February Boat Dive

Catalina on the Magician with Eco Divers

  • Date: Saturday, February 19th, 2017
  • Cost: $135, 3 dives, lunch, snacks, drinks & airfills (not weights)
  • Boat: Magician, 22nd Street Landing, 141 W. 22nd St. San Pedro, CA
  • Skill: All Levels. No spearfishing but responsible lobster hunting permitted
  • Nitrox: EANx for an extra charge
  • Boarding: Board at 6:30 am and departs at 7:30am
  • To Book: Eco Dive Center Website or call 888-728-2252 or 310-398-5759
  • Bonus: Attend and receive a “Participation Raffle” ticket at the General Meeting

Enjoy a day out to Catalina Island with our friends from Eco Dive Center! Catalina has a huge variety of experiences sure to please just about every diver. It offers everything from great topography and diverse wildlife to excellent photographic opportunities. The giant sea bass populations continue to come back, and there are now chances to see them at many of the islands dive sites.

Water temperatures at Catalina stay warmer than along California’s coast because there is little upwelling at the island, perfect for those winter dives. In fact, some of the best visibility in all of SoCal happens at Catalina during the winter. Some lucky divers have seen 100 foot vis, similar to the vis at the oil rigs.
This trip is open to divers of all experience levels. The Magician has been taking divers to Catalina for a long time. They know the great spots to dive and they have the crew with the experience and customer service commitment to make sure you have a great day on the water. The boat provides high pressure air fills and can also accommodate nitrox as well. You need to bring all your own gear including tank & weights unless arrangements are made well in advance of dive day.

Let the club know if you plan to go!