This instructable will show you how to make a rubberband ball that you can work on when ever you have free time.

Step 1: What You need

You need two things(Well 100 thousands)

A small marble

Hundreds of thousands of Rubberbands
If you want to make an official record you cant have a marble in the middle because it is counted as cheating. you need to make a knot of bands tied together to start it!!!<br><br>:2)
mine so far is 14 pounds
I don't get this step. do i slide the band under a previous rubber band, or what? Oh, and please tell me how to connect the ends.<br />
That ball would be heavy :-P<br /> Where do you get the rubber bands that are very long?<br />
DANG! you must have some time on your hands. did you try playing basketball with it?
that would be fun until the ball exploded.
TORCH IT!!!!!!
Just on a side note you don't need a marble. Instead just take one rubber band(a small one works best) and smush it up into a little ball. Then start wrapping. Thats how I made mine.
You can make knots too. thats what I used but the marble is earsier for other people
how do u make the knot
4 Steps Bah.... I love this one - <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.therubberband.info/ball_instructions.php.">http://www.therubberband.info/ball_instructions.php.</a> I'm upto step 2935 :)<br/>
have you tried to through it t any ones head yet?when you do send me the video lllllllooooooollllllllllll hahahahahhhahehehehehehehhihihihihiiohihihihihohohohohohohoho
i dont really get the 3rd step could you please clearify
it bounces and wheys 16 pounds and is the size of a basket ball it cost me 200$
learn to spell weighs...
Hey :] nice rubber basket ball lol But how you did the giants rubbers bands to put around the ball?
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-desert-eagle/">here</a> it is, the very realistic and very big knex desert eagle<br/>
to bad it isn't a real car, that would be sweet.
Hello. Why don't you try to make to simpler, and where you don't have to use the marble
ah u cheated u didnt make an all rubber band ball i had one that was 8 inches across but it slowly started to fall apart ( dont leave in window)
you made a big rubber band ball
funny ! Does it bounce ? suggestion : add a few steps ;)
mine bounces good with a superball as a core
good luck on beating the world record. i think it was two shop owners who got bored one day because their business isnt doing too well so they started making one. now it wont fit outside the door. and lots of people come to their shop just to see it lol
wow, nice job making it as big as the basketball, thats crazy!
Ill make a tape ball instructable soon- chack it out. I made it to be 6 inches in diameter its deadly- heavy, big, super hard
So you're going to make a ball bigger than 6 feet in diameter?
Do you continue to add rubber bands as a chain, or as single rubber bands?

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