February 2, 2017

Robert Ludlum

About Robert Ludlum Robert Ludlum wrote American thrillers. Their violent and fast paced action, caused them to sell worldwide, to the tune of an amazing 290 million copies. Ludlum began his literary career fairly late, working first as an actor and a producer in the theater. His special skills were in capturing his readers’ imaginations […]

Famous Robert Ludlum Books

Notable Works of the Famous Robert Ludlum Books Robert Ludlum, who was born on the 25th day of May 1927 in the City of New York, and later died on 12th March of 2001 in Naples Florida, is a renowned novelist and American author whose legacy has lived on years after his death. This highly […]

Bourne Identity Novel

The author, Robert Ludlum, is someone who can really paint a vivid picture of anywhere in the world he wants to take you. In this story there are lots of places involved. He is an exceptional writer with a great attention to detail, unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. He packs a load of information […]

Other Ludlum Novels

The Scarlatti Inheritance (1971) The Osterman Weekend (1972) The Matlock Paper (1973) Trevayne (1973, writing under the pen-name Jonathan Ryder) The Cry of the Halidon (1974, writing under the pen-name Jonathan Ryder) The Rhinemann Exchange (1974) The Road to Gandolfo (1975, writing under the pen-name Michael Shephard) The Gemini Contenders (1976) The Chancellor Manuscript (1977) […]

Covert One Books

Covert-One series Written by other authors, supposedly based on unpublished material by Robert Ludlum. The Hades Factor (by Gayle Lynds) (2000) The Cassandra Compact (by Phillip Shelby) (2001) The Paris Option (by Gayle Lynds) (2002) The Altman Code (by Gayle Lynds) (2003) The Lazarus Vendetta (by Patrick Larkin) (2004) The Moscow Vector (by Patrick Larkin) […]

Covert One

The Covert One series is a series of thriller novels authored by various acclaimed authors in partnership with the famous late Robert Ludlum. This series of books feature a political and technical team of experts from a leading top-secret agency in the US known as Covert-One, who work hard to find conspiracy and corruption at […]