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Self portrait taken at the Chicago Bean.
Laura at the Roman Aqueducts near Rome, Italy in November 2007
A self portrait at a local park
Sidewalk writing by Laura
Laura on a beach on Tinian
Laura in a hotel in California
It is currently Thursday, February 02, 2017.

I've been in fandom since 1994 or so. I started with Star Trek: The Next Generation and moved on to Sailor Moon and then Babylon 5 and X-Files. After that, it was Star Trek: Voyager, a brief fandom hiatus, which was followed by involvement in the CSI fandom. I've also been involved in fandom, running a mailing list, being on staff at FanFiction.Net, founding FanDomination.Net, advising other fansites like FanWorks.Org, and doing work towards my MSEd on fan fiction. I've been a fan fiction history junkie since I started Writers University on FanFiction.Net. When Writers University left FanFiction.Net, it moved to a free server, and then to its own domain. The information was then put together on a wiki on schtuff, before moving to its current location, in its current format, in May 2006.

I am h2oequalswater on aim, I'm bouncingpurplepopple on Y!M, on MSN, laura at fanhistory dot com on G!Talk, and 807639 on ICQ. I can be reached by e-mail at laura at fanhistory dot com. I can also be reached via LinkedIn. If you really desire to contact me, the best way to get me is using an instant messenger program, a direct message on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Personal links: Where else you can find me on the Internet

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