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Bullard family bible

Bible Records

Bible records include lists of birth, marriage, and death information recorded throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Read more about these records here.

Bullard family bible

Marriage and Death Notices

Browse or search indexes of marriage and death announcements compiled from five North Carolina newspapers dating 1799 to 1893. Indexes include names, dates, places.

Molton family and kinsmen, page 34


Published books on North Carolina families and family history, including copies of genealogical research donated to the State Library's Government and Heritage Library.

Lipman Pakula gravestone

Cemetery Records

Material from two collections: contemporary photographs of the Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery and the Hebrew section of Raleigh Historic Oakwood Cemetery, and the 1930s Works Project Administration cemetery surveys.

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Transcribe an online document for us

You can help us make our family records more findable by transcribing out documents on Flickr. Track the progress of the transcriptions and see our list of top scribes here.

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Donate a copy of your family's Bible records

Does your family Bible contain information about at least one person who lived in North Carolina and a date before 1913? If so, you may be eligible to donate copies of your family Bible and help us grow our family history collection.

View family history research tutorials on YouTube

The State Library of North Carolina and State Archives of North Carolina have each created tutorials and video playlists of interest to genealogists and family history researchers..

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