Canadian Casinos

Canada has some excellent land-based casinos to tantalize, delight and hopefully reward. When you get the chance to take you gambling passion on the road try one of these.

Casino Niagara – Ontario

Standing beside Niagara Falls one of the most breath taking natural wonders in North America is the grandly designed and built Casino Niagara. When you finally tear yourself away from the thundering mists of the waterfall you can while away the time in 95,000 square feet of gaming pleasure including 1,500 slots, 40 gaming tables and a Poker Room with 12 tables to play at.

River Rock Casino Resort – British Columbia

This casino resort stands majestically on the shores of the mighty Fraser River in Richmond. The River Rock is the largest casino in Western Canada. The resort is incredibly luxurious with signature curved elevators, which is where their Curve Lounge gets its name from. As well as 900 slots there is high stakes VIP poker room called the Dogwood Club.

River Cree Resort and Casino – Alberta

River Cree combines gambling fun with the popular Canadian past time – hockey! When you tire of the 1000 slot machines and 39 games tables then you could catch the Edmonton Oilers practising on one of the two NHL-sized hockey rinks.ohcanada

Understanding the Game of Craps

Understanding the game of craps can be intimidating for a first timer as it does not use traditional equipment like cards and the table is shaped in an unusual manner, quite like a bathtub. The game table has a vast variety of bets and understanding the significance of each can be a confusing. Before trying to understand the table layout of craps one must try to understand terminologies that are used during the game. Bets on a crap table have nicknames that regular players use which you will soon get used to as you play the game.

Game of Craps

Important sections of craps table

In craps, you have to concentrate on the half of table that you are standing close to. The outermost outline of the craps table is called a PASS LINE and running parallel to it is the DON’T PASS LINE. Interior sections are divided into COME, DON’T COME and FIELD. Centre section of the craps table has the proposition bets which is called Hardways bet of C and E as players bet that numbers like 4,6,8 and 10 will be rolled out as a pair.

Types of bets in craps

Some of the bets in craps are able to resolve themselves in a single roll while others may require several rolls to clear out. The most important bets in craps is the PASS bet that is put on the pass line and will be used on a come out roll. On the craps table, if you throw betting chips on DON’T PASS section, then your bets are on a seven being rolled out. In the PLACE bets section there are numbers like 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. When you place bets on these sections then you are expecting that these numbers will be rolled from a dice before a seven is thrown.

Play UK Online Slots for Real Money

real slots for real moneyReal money slots are easily the most popular online gambling format in existence today. Millions of people play thousands upon thousands of the annoyingly addictive little consoles each every year – so habitually in fact that some games producers have reported their struggles in keeping up with the huge levels of demand.

The immense popularity of online slots, particularly the ones which are centred upon the wagering of real money, is something which is genuinely quite hard to put a finger on. Taking a completely blind stab at it however, most would put their money (puns aside) on their versatility. After all, a developer can model a slots game on just about anything: from video games to movies to novels for Pete’s sake!

All economics aside, here’s a rundown of the most trusted destination for real money slots in the United Kingdom at the time being.

Money Gaming

It’s no secret that UK-licensed mobile casinos are among the very best in the world. Nor should it be a secret that Money Gaming casino is among the very best to fall into this category. With an abundance of real money slots and some of the most discreet banking methods out there, you could do a lot worse.

888 Casino

One of the world’s most favourite online casinos, 888 has noted an unprecedented rise to prominence in recent years – largely as a direct result of the sterling range of real money games it offers. A large proportion of these are slots.

32 Red

Another household name in the world of real money gaming online, 32Red is one of the most popular mobile casinos in existence today. With a rotating bill of excellent bonus schemes and a range of gaming options that will bring a tear to the more passionate eyes out there, it is certainly a website worthy of a visit next time you go fishing.

The Masters Tournament: Telling the Good from the Best

The Masters Tournament is the very first of the four major professional golf tournaments held each year. It is also referred to as The US Masters or simply, The Masters. With the world-class players competing against each other, the Masters truly tells us who the best are.

The Popular Masters Tournament

When and where it is held

The Masters Tournament is held each year in the first week of April. As it is the very first of the four major tournaments, it’s customary for the Masters Tournament to be preceded by an elaborate gala event that sees the who’s who of global golfing community gather together. Another special distinction that the Masters Tournament has is that it is held each year at the same course – Augusta National Golf Club located in Augusta, Georgia.


The Masters was conceived and founded by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones in 1934. The Masters was initially criticized heavily by the then liberal media – particularly the New York Times – for its extravagant nature during the harsh economic depression during 1930’s. However, the Masters managed to pull through these times and has since become an iconic golf betting sporting event that attracts the attentions of millions of golf fans all around the world.


Winning at a global sporting event like the Masters is the stuff of the legends. And the total prizes ensure that these legends are duly rewarded. The total cash prized for the Masters Tournament in 2014 were $9,000,000. Of this huge sum of money, the winner – Jordan Spieth – took close to $1.6 million home.

Betting on the Masters Tournament

Betting on the Masters Tournament from the UK can be done from any major betting site, including Ladbrokes, Unibet, 888 and Bet365.

Professional Gambling: To Do Or Not To Do

Every person has gambled at least once in his life, either with real money or other stakes, at different types of gambling games like blackjack, roulette, poker and sports betting. But the prospect of gambling professionally has always seemed daunting and a tad bit shady. So what does it take to get into this lucrative profession? It is quite easy to be a recreational gambler, but to take a step forward and let gambling be your only income is not a walk in the park. To get to the league of famous professional gamblers like the MIT Blackjack Team, it takes more than just luck.

Every person has gambled at least once in his life, either with real money or other stakes

Things to do

  • A professional gambler must be disciplined and you must not gamble just for the sake of gambling.
  • When gambling as a professional, you should never lose focus. Your mind must be on gambling only and your attention must not be diverted easily to other mundane things around him.
  • You should always records your bets, and keep a track of what you’re doing.
  • You must always keep your emotions in check. Gambling has its high points and low points. This sets you apart from hustlers, who often wear their emotions on their sleeve. You should enjoy gambling with a passion, but at the end, never forget that its about business.
  • Learn to read people. Gambling is not just about numbers. The true art of gambling well comes in reading people, an occasional twitch, sigh or movement that will give them, away.
  • Learn the math behind the game. If you can’t handle numbers, then gambling isn’t for you.

Things not to do

  • Never bet even one pound more than you can afford to lose, because nothing is worse than going into debt.
  • Don’t believe in superstitions. As a professional gambler, you shouldn’t rely on luck and chance to do anything for you. It isn’t about lucky dice, or a lucky day, its about how good you are at playing the numbers and playing the man betting against you.
  • Don’t give up in the face of adversity. A professional gambler will have days when he’s cheated or when he loses terribly its all a part of the business. Pick yourself up, and continue to place bets.

How Does Maple Casino Fare

If you are an online gambler from Canada looking for casino sites based in your home country, you will find Maple Casino to be a reliable pick. It is perhaps the only online casino with a Canadian-theme. The casino website is attractive, and does not confuse players with too many distraction, unlike other gaming websites. The website is powered by Microgaming, which shows in the quality of sounds and graphics. The website is also user-friendly! The casino also launched it’s mobile app last year bringing Canadian online casino players closer to their favourite gambling games. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems as well as Blackberry devices.

Maple CasinoFreeplay and winnings

Maple Casino has an excellent strategy in place to attract players – Freeplay! You can begin playing on the online casino without depositing any amount, something that not many casinos offer. The freeplay lasts for 60 minutes and you are given a hefty amount of $3000 to bet with. What’s more, in these sixty minutes of gameplay if you do win anything up to $100, it’s all yours! In case you do not win, a welcome bonus awaits you awarding you 100 percent bonus on your initial deposit. The amount is 50 percent for your second deposit, while a third deposit would make you eligible for a bonus of 200 percent.

Banking and support

However, it’s not just the games and the promotional offers, but also the banking options and customer support that play an important role in proving the reliability of a gaming site. Maple Casino wins here too with it’s prompt customer service and several options to make payments and deposits.

Verdict: The site is trustworthy and an ideal option for not just Canadian players, but for online gamblers world-over.

New Styles of Baccarat Increase the Player’s Edge

There’s an age-old saying in the world of gambling: the house always wins. But new styles of baccarat have reduced the edge, the statistical advantage, that the house has over the player.

Most casinos charge a percentage commission on winning banker hands. This commission increases the edge the house has on the player, and the lower the commission, the greater the player’s edge. Different casinos charge different commissions, and compete for players by offering lower commissions than their rivals. If no commission were charged, the player’s edge would be a robust 1.24 percent. A 5 percent commission on winning banker bets gives the house a 1.06 percent edge. Lower the commission to 4 percent and the house’s edge drops to just 0.6 percent. It makes sense then that most casinos charge at least a 5 percent commission.

New styles of baccarat have reduced the edge, the statistical advantage, that the house has over the player.

There are some casinos that boast “no-commission” baccarat. But players should be beware that no commission does not necessarily mean a bigger edge for the player. Casinos that do not charge a commission on winning bets by the banker usually change the rules of the game to retain the house’s edge.

EZ Baccarat is one of many new styles of baccarat that incorporate a small rule change to keep a house edge even without charging a commission on winning bets by the banker.

In EZ Baccarat, the banker cannot win with a three-card total of 7, even if that hand outranks the player’s hand. Rather, the hand is a push. The player gets his or her bet back, but does not take in any winnings. That small change in the rules gives the house an 1.02 percent edge, which is just a little bit lower than the 1.06 in a standard baccarat game.

Keno Unlikely To Be Added To Expansion of Maine State Lottery

Expansion of Keno in around 300 locations across the stateAdministrators of the Maine State Lottery have dropped their previous plan to expand offerings in the state with addition of Keno in around 300 locations across the state. It was largely due to the widespread protests from lawmakers and citizens that the game would transform convenience stores and restaurants into casinos and lead to destructive behaviour. Speaking on the incident, Governor Paul LePage stated that he had supported the movement as he felt that Democrats wanted lottery expansion though he was personally against any kind of gambling.

Protest against Keno

The decision comes as a surprise move as the governor’s chief of finance had defended the Keno proposal before Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee. This panel had submitted emergency moves to block this Keno initiative as they felt that it would move people into traditional gambling and will transform public places into casinos like convenience stores and restaurants. Many questioned the legislature of adding which continues to be controversial through the years. Govern LePage stated that while adding a new gambling game to Maine State Lottery is the prerogative of Executive Branch with or without approval of legislation, Keno will not be added this year.

Keno for gambling

If the legislature would have been approved then it would give the Maine’s Bureau of Alcohol Beverages and Lottery Operations freedom to allow the game at licensed retailers like convenience stores and other public places which would lead to yield of $8.7 million within the first year itself. However, the flak that the proposal received from groups like Christian Civic League and other social organisations has forced the government to delay the procedures as of now. These groups state that gambling will lead to compulsive gambling and increase of domestic violence within the state.

Finalists of the National Lottery Awards

The National Lottery Awards is a form of recognition for inspirational work done by individuals and groups to help the society, and the prestigious event has been following this tradition since early days of lotto history. The National Lottery identifies projects that are carried out in seven categories like arts, sports, health, environment, education, and voluntary causes, and supports them by providing funds from lottery proceeds. Like every year, National Lottery has finalized 49 projects across seven categories this time, and finalists were selected by public vote. All winners will be awarded a cash prize of £ 2000 and a trophy.

National Lottery Award Finalists

The awards for 2014 were given to the following projects for their unusual contribution to society:

Arts project

  • 10 Mewn Bws or 10 in a bus project was involved in teaching traditional Welsh music to musicians from varied backgrounds.
  • Boys dancing in Warwick
  • Chandelier of Lost Earrings
  • Creating the Spectacle
  • Happy Lands – project on Fife coalmining communities which led to a feature film
  • Somewhereto-connects
  • Star Disc

Best education project

  • Tower Hamlets Air Cadets
  • BFI Film Academy
  • Horray for Homework club
  • Just Kids
  • Scams and Fraud Education for Residents (SAFER)
  • Skydancer
  • Slam H

Award winning environment project

  • FareShare Cymru
  • Growing Global Food
  • The Helix
  • Restoration of Howsham Mill
  • Gorbals Recycles Project
  • Urban River Enhancement Scheme
  • Young carers Nature Challenge

Best heritage project

  • Cotton Famine Park
  • Home of Metal
  • Mary Rose Museum
  • Moments of Time
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Restoration of Hackney Empire
  • George’s Market

Other categories like health projects, sports, and voluntary help have each got 7 projects that inspire needy groups of individuals to live a fruitful life. The aim of these awards is to create an atmosphere of toleration and mutual help within the society, so that people from every social and economic background can live a life of peace and dignity.

Major Changes to UK Gambling Laws


UK gambling flagThe United Kingdom’s government took significant steps to strengthen gambling laws in 2014. Discussion about the leeway enjoyed by gambling and online gambling establishments had been ongoing for a few years. However, the government was always wary about upsetting betting companies. They decided to take action that would help consumers and create a better regulated environment for gambling.

Companies that operated online gambling sites in the UK were allowed to set up their bases in foreign countries. Areas such as Gibraltar and Malta are the most popular sites, due to their lack of taxation. However, the UK government has now ordered these sites to pay a 15% tax and register with the UK Gambling Commission. The taxes only apply to wagers that were placed by customers from the UK.

Sites must procure a license if they want to continue operating in the UK. In addition, they are not permitted to place any advertisements in the UK if they do not apply for and receive this license.

For their part, gambling sites are not happy about this move. They had enjoyed extensive privileges in the UK prior to these laws being passed. Even though land based gambling shops pay heavy taxes and must deal with restrictive laws, gambling sites were in the clear. They could advertise to UK customers, keep their bases off shore, and avoid paying taxes.

There are two reasons why the UK Parliament finally took action in 2014. For one, they want a significant boost in tax income from these online gambling sites. They know how popular online betting is in the UK, especially on sports such as football, boxing and horse racing. If these companies are making millions of pounds off UK customers, why should they be exempt from paying taxes? It is unclear what impact this move will have on the companies, and it will be interesting to see their financial returns in 2015.

Building Better Opportunities to Be Funded By Big Lottery Fund

Big Lottery Fund logoThe Big Lottery Fund’s latest project concentrates on eradication of poverty in England through combination of £ 300million European Social Fund and £ 260million of lottery funds. It will now be channelled into community development programs across the nation’s urban and rural landscape. The Big Lottery Fund is seeking suggestions from charitable societies to help identify needy communities which are far away from urban areas and lack amenities like job opportunities and educational facilities.

Programs under Building Better Opportunities will concentrate on helping communities to become self-reliant by providing them funds to develop local infrastructure and enterprises and help each other. This popular decade old non profitable organization is made up of funds contributed by National Lottery which donates 28 percent of each ticket sales to the fund.


Charity programs of building better opportunities fund

  1. Working with European Social Fund to help needy people become educated and trained for the labor market. This program will concentrate on developing employment skills of people to help them integrate into society and become responsible citizens.
  2. The fund will work with local groups to set up Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) to meet specific community requirements and every year the Big Lottery Fund will announce details about donations made to each group and how they will be used.


LEP charity distribution

Till date 36 LEP’s across the nation have agreed to work on the program with BLF to improve financial literacy, poverty, mental health and other complex needs with grants from £ 500,000 to £ 4 million which will run between 2015 to 2023 and will help fund charities through a two stage selection process. Charities and LEP areas have to present details about how the funds allocated from both BLF and ESF will be distributed through one application itself and money funded with vary from area to area. BLF is also seeking feedback from charities who have participated in the drive through a detailed survey to check if they understand the mechanism of funds distribution.

Celebrities in the past like Jamie Oliver set up his famous “Fifteen” restaurant to help children from troubled pasts to find a purpose in life through cooking and restaurant management. The apprentice cooks he trained worked in partnership program with Big Lottery Fund to train promising homeless children of London to find purpose in life.