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What is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-Speech, abbreviated as TTS, is a technology that converts digital text into spoken voice output. Text-to-Speech systems were first developed to aid the visually impaired. They are nowadays ubiquitous, having an extremely broad field of application ranging from voices giving directions on navigation devices to voices for public announcement systems and virtual assistants.

What makes a great listening experience?

Users expect TTS voices to interpret text in a human-like manner, and sound just like a human would. This is especially true for interactive systems such as IVR or virtual assistants, where voices need a persona that matches the conveyed content.

Ivona provides high-quality, natural-sounding TTS voices and highly accurate text interpretation out-of-the-box. The voices inherit the persona of the original voice talents, contributing to an authentic user experience that builds trust.

Ivona technology is constantly improving

Ivona researches and develops high-caliber TTS technology and constantly delivers its solutions on a large number of devices and applications in a customer-centric way.
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