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We invite you to attend the 2017 Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

This is a free and open meeting where attendees can learn about NIJ-funded research across a variety of forensic science areas. The Symposium offers specific presentations from the diverse NIJ forensic science R&D portfolio.

Join us at the 2017 Symposium.

In 2015, public safety stakeholders and aviation experts convened with the goal to produce a blueprint for how law enforcement agencies can use unmanned aircraft systems most effectively, fairly, and transparently.

Read more about the recommendations that resulted from this meeting.

Body Worn Cameras

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Hear about how NIJ-supported research was used to evaluate the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement to determine if they improve police behavior and relationships with the community.

Watch on YouTube.

Automated Kiosks & Community Supervision

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NIJ funded research to investigate whether automated kiosk reporting and traditional face-to-face reporting for community supervision achieve comparable public safety outcomes.

Read the article.