Author Jenni Schaefer speaks of eating disorder recovery.

Jenny Schaefer

Jenni believes her eating disorder began at the age of 4 when she first had the thought that her body was larger than her peers. The symptoms didn't begin until much later in her teens but as with many eating disorders the person can remember the moment they thought they were not good enough. Eating disorders are not about food but a coping mechanism to deal with stress. In fact that makes them seem like a solution.

Jenni Schaefer's books reflect her journey of separating the eating disorder from her true self. Her journey was not easy but her recovery is phenomenal. Her positive attitude that recovery is possible for everyone, resonates with all people who struggle with this obsession with food. Jenni's well known books Life without Ed, and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me have brought hope for recovery from eating disorders to millions of people who suffer from this baffling disease. Don't hesitate to get her books if you struggle or love someone who with uses food to change the way they feel.

The Presentation was sponsored by:
The Eating Disorder Task Force of Great Falls - an outreach program of MHAGF
The Center for Change: a treatment center in Utah

April 23, 2013

Picture: Author Jenni Schaefer between Joan Trost and Diedri Durocher, co-coordinators of The Eating Disorder Task Force of Great Falls