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Navy Cash®/Marine CashSM

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What is Navy Cash/Marine Cash?

The Navy Cash/Marine Cash card is a branded debit card that looks like a typical debit or check card. Navy Cash/Marine Cash combines a chip-based electronic purse (stored-value function) with the traditional magnetic stripe (debit card and ATM function). The electronic purse replaces currency aboard ship.

Navy Cash/Marine Cash was developed in partnership with Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps, and the Department of the Treasury.

Who Can Use Navy Cash/Marine Cash?

If you're permanently assigned to a ship, you're eligible to receive a Navy Cash/Marine Cash card. Also, if you're a visitor, you can be issued a Navy Cash/Marine Cash 'Visitors card' while aboard the ship.

What are the benfits of Navy Cash/Marine Cash?

The magnetic stripe and branded debit features give you access to your funds in your Navy Cash/Marine Cash accounts world-wide via Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) devices at merchants who accept debit cards.

If you choose the Split Pay Option, you may designate a portion of your pay be sent directly to your Navy/Marine Cash accounts each payday. Cashless ATMs aboard ship provide 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to Navy Cash/Marine Cash accounts.

The cashless ATMs also provide you with access to accounts at financial institutions ashore and the ability to move money electronically to and from Navy Cash/Marine Cash accounts and your accounts at the financial institution.

How do you enroll in Navy Cash/Marine Cash?

You must be enrolled in the program to open a Navy/Marine Cash account. You have to complete the Form 2887, sign and date the form, and give it to your Disbursing Office (DO) or designated representative.

Bring a copy of a cancelled check or deposit slip from your financial institution to the DO or designee. The DO or designee will verify the account information entered on the Form 2887 with the cancelled check or deposit slip.

The completed and signed Form 2887 is sent to the Department of the Treasury's designated financial agent who is authorized to initiate debit and credit entries to your financial institution.

After Form 2887 is processed, you'll be able to transfer funds between your financial institution and the Navy/Marine Cash account. The DO retains a copy of all enrollment forms completed on the ship.


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