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The ComPASS Project
 High Performance Computing for Accelerator Design and Optimization
Particle accelerators are critical to scientific discovery, both nationally and worldwide. The development and optimization of accelerators are essential for advancing our understanding of the fundamental properties of matter, energy, space and time. The mission of the Community Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation (ComPASS) collaboration is to develop and deploy the state-of-the-art accelerator modeling tools necessary to advance new designs, concepts and technologies for particle accelerators.
ComPASS was formed from members of the Accelerator Science & Technology (AST) SciDAC-1 project and is a partnership of computational accelerator physicists, applied mathematicians, and computer scientists. During the 2008-2012 period, funded by the SciDAC-2 program, ComPASS has developed accelerator modeling tools able to efficiently utilize high-performance computing (HPC), and these have been employed to tackle some of the most difficult accelerator science problems. ComPASS codes obtain good scalability and parallel performance efficiency to several tens of thousands of processors.









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