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March 2016 Rodeo Results

Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo


Stock Contractor: Frontier Rodeo Company

Sub-contractors: Klein Brothers Pro Rodeo and Silver Creek Rodeo

Rodeo Secretary: Lauranne Smith

Timers: Terri Gay and Jennifer Jeans

Announcers: Greg Simas and Donnie Gay

Bullfighters: Blue Jeanes and Darran Robertson

Total Payout

Clown/Barrelman/Specialty Act: Keith Isley

Flankmen: Heath Stewart, Matt Williams and Carter Smith

Chute Boss: Heath Stewart

Pickup Men: Rex Bugbee, Shawn Calhoun, Ryan Bestol and Jason Bottoms

Photographers: James Phifer and Mike Rastelli

Music Director: Mark Evans

All-Around Cowboy

Bart Brunson$1,378Tie-Down Roping/Team Roping


Bareback Riding

1Jake Brown86.5$4,498Badlands Bay
2Evan Jayne86$2,999Full Throttle
2 Luke Creasy86$2,999Maple Valley
4Kyle Brennecke85$1,649Ace of Spades
5Ethan Crouch84.5$1,050Cross Fire
6Tanner Aus83$750Night Fist
7Matthew Smith82.5$600Cash Deal
8RC Landingham82$450Dirt Devil

Steer Wrestling

1Wade Cooper5.3 seconds$1,730
2Chance Howard5.4 seconds$1,504
3Trey Austin III5.5 seconds$1,278
4Mose Fleming5.9 seconds$1,053
5Lane Chipley8.0 seconds$827
6Gary Gilbert8.8 seconds$602
7Juan Alcazar Jr.11.8 seconds$376
8Payton Caudill11.9 seconds$150

Team Roping

1Clint Keller/Shane Edmonson5.7 seconds$2,380 each
2Ivan Bigsby/Brent Lockett6.3 seconds$2,129 each
3Dillon Bird/John Hudson6.5 seconds$1,879 each
4Kevin Daniel/Derick Freeman6.6 seconds$1,628 each
5Bart Brunson/Zack Mabry6.8 seconds$1,378 each
6Nelson Wyatt/Ashlee Swedenburg7.7 seconds$1,002 each
6Justin Gopher/Ben Moore III7.7 seconds$1,002 each
8Cody Reed/Hadley DeShazo7.8 seconds$501 each
8Roly Lantigua/Ramon Vilarino7.8 seconds$501 each
10Jacob Locke/Shane Hester8.4 seconds$63 each
10Charlie Day/Chad Agner8.4 seconds$63 each

Saddle Bronc Riding

1Taos Muncy90$4,145Tip Off
2Sterling Crawley87$3,178Memphis King
3Joe Lufkin86.5$2,349Black Betty
4Clay Elliott84$1,244Time Out
4Hardy Braden84$1,244Griz
6Jacobs Crawley82.5$553Blue Sky
6Chuck Schmidt82.5$553Covergirl
6Justin Caylor82.5$553Showdown

Tie-Down Roping

1Shane Hanchey8.5 seconds$2,313
2John Douch9.0 seconds$2,012
3Reno Gonzales9.6 seconds$1,710
4Jeff Clair10.2 seconds$1,257
4 Nick Mazzilli10.2 seconds$1,257
6Bryan McClellan10.3 seconds$654
6Shane Overby10.3 seconds$654
8Michael Otero10.4 seconds$201

Barrel Racing

1Kelley Carrington17.53 seconds$2,480
2Sabra O'Quinn17.60 seconds$2,108
3Kyndal Schley17.64 seconds$1,612
3Ashley Leggett17.64 seconds$1,612
5Paige Willis17.68 seconds$1,240
6Wendy Culberson17.74 seconds$868
7Taylor Jacob17.80 seconds$620
8Mary Lawrence17.86 seconds$496
9Crystal Shumate17.91 seconds$434
10Sue Watts17.95 seconds$372
11Julie Thomas17.98 seconds$310
12Nicole Yost17.99 seconds$248

Bull Riding

1Garrett Tribble88.85$4,145Good Time Charlie
2Shane Proctor87.5$3,178Warlords
3Jeffrey Ramagos87$2,349Boom Boom
4Matt Birdwell85$1,520Kathmadu
5Ednei Caminhas84$967Highway Man
6Joe Frost82$691Levi the Boss
7Casey Huckabee81.5$553Boom Boom
8Jesse Petri80$415Neon Sign