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Alaska Quest Card

Alaska contracts with JPMorgan Electronic Financial Services (EFS) to maintain Alaska Quest Card accounts. JPMorgan EFS provides an Internet site Quest Card holders can use to access their accounts. Card holders can use this secure site to check their Quest card account activity, download an account statement and change their PIN.

The Division of Public Assistance issues Food Stamps and other benefits to low-income households through the Alaska Quest card. The Quest card is an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card that can be used to purchase eligible food and other items at grocery stores and Farmer's Markets.

The Alaska Food Stamp Program provides food benefits to low-income households to buy food products from authorized stores and Farmer's Markets statewide. Learn more about the Food Stamp Program.

Find stores that take the Quest card:

The Anchorage Farmers’ Market is now accepting SNAP benefits (formerly known as Food Stamps).  To use these benefits at this market, recipients should first visit the information booth where their Quest card will be debited for the amount that they want to spend and exchanged for tokens that can be spent at any participating vendor at the market.  For more information such as the market location and hours of operation, please consult the market’s website at  Farmers’ markets and farm stands can sign up to accept SNAP through the USDA website, or call 1-877-823-4369.


The Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP) provides cash assistance and work services to low-income families with children to help them with basic needs while they work toward becoming self-sufficient. Learn more about the Alaska Temporary Assistance Program, or ATAP.

Effective Immediately:  Under Federal Law (section 4004(c) of P.L. 112-96) it is illegal to make purchases with or to access the cash benefits on EBT cards at any ATMs that are located in bars, liquor stores, gambling or adult entertainment establishments.

ATAP cash benefits on the Alaska Quest card can be accessed by making purchases at a store, getting cash back with a purchase, online bill pay, or via a cash withdrawal at an ATM.  There is a $0.85 fee for each ATM withdrawal.  Additionally, some ATM owners may also charge a surcharge fee for using their ATM. 

There is a $0.75 fee for each online bill payment.  There is never a fee for making purchases at a store or getting cash back with a purchase. 

Check your account information here:

NOTE: Please turn off your browser's "Pop-up Blocker" if you have one. It will keep the website from opening the login window. You can also hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the link above to allow the site to work properly.


To report a lost, stolen, or damaged card, or to report an error in your account balance, call the Customer Service number below:

Quest Card Customer Service: Toll Free 1-888-997-8111

(TTY Users Call Toll Free 1-800-770-8973 RELAYalaska then dial 1-888-997-8111)

For other Quest Card Assistance contact:
State of Alaska EBT Customer Helpdesk
P.O. Box 110640
Juneau, AK  99811

Call Toll Free #1-888-620-1111
Fax: 907-465-3651