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Digital Nautical Chart (DNC®)


DNC homepage image The Digital Nautical Chart is produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and is an unclassified, vector-based digital database containing maritime significant features essential for safe marine navigation. DNCs 018, 026, 027, and 028 are produced in partnership with Canadian Forces Mapping and Charting Establishment Hydrographic Services Office (Esquimalt). Initial data collection of the database is from a portfolio of approximately 5,000 nautical charts that will ultimately provide global marine navigation between 84 North latitude and 81 South latitude and supports a variety of Geographic Information System applications.

On Tuesdays between 2200 UTC and 0200 UTC there may be intermittent outages of parts of the Maritime and Digital Nautical Chart websites. Only certain areas of the whole site may be unavailable from a few seconds to at most 1 hour during this period.   Please continue to retry accessing the area of interest during this period.

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DNC® Regions (Click on a region for DNC®downloadable files)

DNCDX 001,  005,  007,  017,  018,  019,  025 
- VDU patches available at NtM 04/17

DNCDX 004,  006,  010,  011,  016,  022,  028 
- VDU patches available at NtM 03/17

DNCDX 003,  009,  012,  015,  021,  024,  029 
- VDU patches available at NtM 02/17

DNCDX 002,  008,  013,  014,  020,  023,  026,  027 
- VDU patches available at NtM 01/17

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