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Have Fun With Words

Play Hangman or Word Spy and write using the answer. Try the word of the day or write Magnetic Poetry online. Write a story or a poem using one of these fun kits.

Wild Writing Challenge

Some artists collect trash and sculpt it into meaningful shapes. Try gathering trash and weave it into your writing. You can raid your rubbish bin, pick something up in the street or simply visit Trashlog and use something from this fascinating collection of trash.

Participate in the Pythian Games by adding your trash inspired story to the Pythian Games forum here at Soul Food.





Delicious Spotted Dalmatian Dog Sundaes

sweeten your writing buds with these short exercises

Keeping the fun in the fundamentals of writing .

The Princess and the Muse learn from the Princess. Meet nine imaginary friends who will help you write

Magic Writing Tram Archive

Fracturing fairy tales is a contemporary variant of what has been always done in fairy tales in that story is changed in some way--except that this term is usually associated with questions of gender representation." Try fracturing some fairy stories.

Compost Bins Find out what writing and composting have in common. Make a very special compost bin and learn the art of composting.

Permission to Daydream

Quirky Story Starters learn how to use scraps from the media to start stories

Pitbulls I Have Known Everyone has had an encounter of the worst kind - come face to face with a bully. Vent your feelings in this delightfully zany exercise.

Dip into the Shoe Box and get ideas about how to write

Play Pickupsticks, reenter childhood and discover how playing this old children's game helps you write

Colouring Stories are wicked. Try using the Chinese Dragon as a way of starting a fairy story set in China.

Crime Baron's Table - experiment and write some short crime stories. But beware! Do not bore the Baron

Mini Mizer Masterpieces - create characters in plastic and then write adventure stories.

Rear Vision Mirror View of Life - explore your memories by using this altered perspective

Mad Party Room - Try injecting some madness into your ball-point.

Sand Painting - Why not do a sandpainting and then use it to start writing some fantasy?

The Personality of A Front Door - Your front door may just provide the stimulus to begin writing.