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warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jun 28, 2016    Access to GES DISC data will require all users to be registered with the Earthdata Login system   

Starting August 1st, 2016, access to GES DISC data requires all users to be registered with the Earthdata Login system. Data continue to be free of charge and accessible via HTTP. Access to data via FTP will no longer be available on or after October 3rd, 2016. Detailed instructions on how to register and receive authorization to access GES DISC data are provided here.

GES DISC Users who deploy scripting methods to list and download data in bulk via anonymous FTP are advised to review the How to Download Data Files from HTTP Service with wget recipe that provides examples of GNU wget commands for listing and downloading data via HTTP.


The NASA GES DISC presents the Top 10 Highlights of 2016.  (Click on the image for larger view.)
Feb 09, 2017 NASA GES DISC Top 10 Highlights of 2016

New data sets, increased analytical capabilities, and more users

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