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Alaska: a big state for the big (and small) screen!

The first thing to know is that Alaska is BIG. How big? Alaskans like to say that if you cut Alaska in half it would make Texas the third largest state. That's a lot of real estate - and a lot of different landscapes and ecosystems.

Across Alaska are a nearly unlimited number of potential filming locations - so unless you're looking for sun-baked cactus in the desert, Alaska can help realize your vision.

From alpine peaks to misty shorelines, quaint coastal towns to suburban neighborhoods, wide open tundra to deep dark forests, farms to fishing boats, glaciers to beaches, railroads to goldmines, year-round snow to barren sand dunes - Alaska has great locations for almost any project. And don't forget unbelievable natural light that ranges from a "magic hour" that lasts for several hours to summer sunshine that lasts 20 hours and more! Alaska's great locations deserve a good look by almost any film or TV project.

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