Concrete Polishing & Grinding Procedure

There are several processes we do get the concrete to the high sheen polished stage. 


Grinding – The First Cut

This is the grinding of the top layer of concrete to expose the aggregate.  This process is carried out using hard bond diamond tooling to increase efficiency of concrete removal.  It is performed over several passes with consistent speed to minimise high and low spots in the concrete. 



Grinding – The Second Cut

The purpose of this step is to removing all the scoring marks from the first cut. This process is carried out with fine mesh diamond metal bond discs to ensure that all of the scratches from the first cut are removed.


Silicate Hardener

Silicate Hardener is applied to close up the concrete surface.  This has the effect of hardening & densifying, surface particularly as you polish. It also helps to stop moisture getting through the concrete and ruining the work done.


Polishing Process

All gaps and holes are filled before we polish.  The concrete is polished using low weight resin pads and on low speeds to ensure total consistent floor coverage.  This process is done in several steps with finer mesh pads with every stage to ensure a smooth concrete surface


Coloured Stains

At this stage exposed polished aggregate concrete can be stained to give a deep colour effect to enhance its appearance.


Final Polish

At this stage we use fine grade mesh pads with a surface sealer and pass over the concrete, then using a buff pad to bring up the final level of surface sheen.  

At this stage we would have passed over the concrete flooring up to 10 times to get the final sheen polish, but you will have a superior polished concrete floor with unmatchable style, durability & uniqueness.