CERC Science Topic: Missouri River

Missouri River Science

    The Missouri River drains nearly one sixth of the area of the United States, making it one of the truly Great Rivers of the world. Management of the Missouri River for social-economic services (for example, hydropower, flood control, public water supply, and navigation) has resulted in substantial physical changes to the river and associated declines in native species. 
    CERC scientists conduct research on the Missouri River to provide information needed to restore and manage the Missouri River ecosystem. They investigate physiology, behavior, habitat dynamics, and population dynamics to understand how management affects endangered and threatened species like the pallid sturgeon, interior least tern, and the piping plover. As well, CERC conducts research on Missouri River invasive species, principally Asian carps. 
    Interdisciplinary river studies involve collaboration with other Branches within CERC, other USGS disciplines, Federal and State agencies, academia, and non-governmental organizations. Go to Missouri River InfoLINK and related web sites. 
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