Zig-Zag Puff Stitch Baby Afghan Pattern

I think one of my favorite things to crochet it baby afghans.  They work up quickly and are perfect for cute little ones to cuddle with.  My youngest brother and his wife are expecting again so I had another excuse to make another baby afghan. This time I wanted to use a stitch I haven’t worked with before and loved the look of the zig-zag stitch as soon as I saw it.

zig-zag stitch blanket 2

These are colors the babies mom loves so this hopefully with work for a boy or a girl.  They are waiting to be surprised at the birth with the gender of the baby.  {So FUN!}

I’m going to say that this pattern is  an advanced beginner pattern. There are several different stitches used so if you don’t feel comfortable with some of the stitches practice them a bit first then start on the afghan.

The Pattern

Zig-Zag Stitch Baby Afghan

Materials needed:

Body of Afghan

Start with 101 chain stitches

Row 1 ~ Half Double crochet in the second chain from the hook, and in each chain till the end. Chain 2, turn your work.

Row 2 ~ Zig-Zag puff stitch till the end of the row. Chain 2, turn your work.  {Learn the zig-zag puff stitch by clicking here}

Repeat Row 2 till you achieve the length you are looking for. About 150 rows.

For the last row chain 1 and turn your work, then work a single crochet into each stitch. Tie off end.


I worked the edging different from other afghans.  I added the edging up to the last row on the long sides first then added the edging on the short ends.  If you would rather add your edging around the entire afghan at the same time you can do that too.

With Charcoal Yarn

Row 1 ~ Single Crochet into the edge {long side} of the afghan. You should get about one stitch for every row. Chain 2 and turn your work.

Row 2 ~ Half Double Crochet into the first stitch and each stitch till the end. Chain 2, turn your work.

Row 3-5 ~ Repeat row 2. Tie off end

Repeat for other long side. Beginning with Row 2 repeat for short sides, before moving on to Row 6.

Row 6 ~ {using color used for body of afghan} Reverse Single Crochet {sometimes called the Crab Stitch} around entire blanket. {Learn the Reverse Single Crochet by clicking here} Tie off end.  Weave in all ends.


  1. Beautiful! How many skeins of yarn did you use to make the blanket? What are the measurements?

  2. Can you tell me how much of each yarn is needed?

    Thank you.

  3. this is beautiful. thank you so much for sharing it. i won’t be sharing right now since i will be making 2 of these for a cousin having twins!!! i will share after i give them to her. thank you for sharing the pattern in understandable language. providing the links to the stitches was also very helpful!!! this is one of the best pins i have gotten to date. usually there is a link to an etsy shop or another place to pay for a pattern. that upsets me because i can’t afford to pay for them. if i wait long enough i might find something that looks like what i was interested in for free. anyway, thanks again!!!

    • You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy making your blankets! I would love to see a photo when you finish them. 🙂

  4. I’m almost finished the body of the blanket and it looks great thank you for the beautiful pattern. I’m on the last row of the body of the blanket where you say to single crochet in each stitch but I’m a little confused. This is my first time working with the zig zag puff stitch so I’m not sure where I should be placing my single crochets?

    • Single crochet in each stitch you can see. If you miss one or two it wont throw off the look of the blanket.

  5. Dionne Catledge says:

    Do you find that the red heart super saver yarn is soft enough for babies? Some don’t.

    • I find that the Red Heart SS works great for babies. It can be a little rough to start with but as soon as it is washed the yarn softens and becomes very cuddly. If you are making something for someone else and don’t want to wash it first a short run through the dryer on med. heat will soften the yarn as well. 🙂

  6. Hi Kadie. Hope you can help. I’m looking for the pattern you show to the right of the puff stitch baby afghan. Above, you gave a link to the heart bookmark pattern but that’s not it. I think it may be called The Easiest Crochet Zig-zag Stitch @ http://justnewdiy.com/?s=The+Easiest+Crochet+Zig-zag+Stitch. The picture on the left is the baby blanket. I’m looking for the pattern on the right. Is that pattern available? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Kandy,
      I’m guessing that you are asking about the white piece/pattern that is found on a diffrent site from mine. As I have been asked for information on that pattern several times. 🙂 Unfortunately I know nothing of that pattern nor do I know anything about the people that run that site. Sorry I can’t be of more help.
      I hope you are able to find out more than I have about it. Thanks.

  7. How long did it take you to make this beauty? Then for sharing this pattern!

    • This project took about 2 weeks of off and on crocheting. I didn’t keep track of the hours but it was a quick project.

      • Natise Houston says:

        that was suppose to say “ty for the pattern” lol. i’m going to get the yarn friday and hope to finish it by may 7th for a baby shower. will post a picture when i’m done, if that’s ok.

        • You are welcome! I always love to see photos of projects using my patterns! Of course you can post it. 🙂 Good luck on your afgahn.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I was wondering what to do to make the blanket bigger

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      This is stitch is worked in multiples of 3 then you add 2. For example for this size blanket I started with a chain of 99 then added 2 chains to get the 101 chain stitches I started with. If you are wanting to make a larger blanket figure out the multiple of 3 you need for the size you want then add 2, to get your starting chain size. I hope that makes sense. Thanks

  9. I’m confused. How do you get the measurements you did with 150 rows? I’m on row 67 and my blanket already measures 31″x22″ without the edging.

    • There can be a few reasons that the dimensions are different, without seeing your project I can only guess. We probably crochet with different tension, I usually crochet loose but may still crochet tighter than you. We may have used different yarns, or different hooks.

      The beauty of an afghan is that you can choose how big you want it to be, you don’t have to hold tight to the 150 rows. You might want to only do 100 or even less, the choice is yours. I hope you enjoy the afghan.

  10. Can I sell a blanket made from this pattern? Absolutely beautiful!

    • Of course! Thank you so much for asking! I do ask that if you sell online that you give credit to my site for the pattern. Thanks again.

  11. Took about a week and I finished! How do I post a picture?


    I’m a little late to the party here but I am dying to make this blanket. Does it end up thick enough to use as a tummy time mat on the floor? it looks very plush and soft but I was just wondering what you thought about that.

    • Hi Kristie,

      I’m not sure how this afghan would do as a tummy time mat. The cross of the stitches does make this afghan thick and cuddly but also quite bumpy, I’m afraid it would be uncomfortable for a babies tummy over a long time.

  13. Meghan Kelly says:

    I just finished the body of this! I’m so impressed with how it’s turned out as it’s the first baby blanket I’ve ever done and I haven’t crocheted in a long time!!! Thanks so much for posting this and for providing so much detail. I’m having a bit of trouble determining where to put the single chrochet to do the boarder along the long end as the side doesn’t look like there’s actual stitches to add to. Any suggestions on where to put the stitches to start the boarder on the long side?

    • Hi Meghan,
      On the long ends it’s going to be different than the short ends. To do the short sides you will make your stiches in the best looking stitch you can find. The key in doing the long sides is counting, it is easy to end up with too many stitches on the long sides because it is difficult to find the stitch. Make sure you only have as many stitches as you have rows, this way your afghan wont turn out wonky. Which stitches you use on the long sides isn’t that important, as long as they are evenly spaced. Hope that helped. Great job on finishing the body of the afghan!

  14. So cute! I’m going to start this today while.my kids are playing after school…

  15. Did you only use 1 skein at a time? It almost looks like multiple skeins were used at the same time. I can’t wait to start this pattern….it’s beautiful! Thanks.

    • Hi Marilou,
      This afghan is worked with only one skein at a time. The yarn is variegated and the stitch makes it pretty thick. I hope you enjoy making it. 🙂

  16. Alberta Crawley says:

    Thank you for this pattern. I haven’t crocheted in awhile but when I saw this blanket I knew I wanted to make it for a gift. When adding the edging on the short sides it seems to be too full so my finished project is a little wavy. This confused me because these are the starting and ending sides with the single crochet. Do you have any suggestions why this happened?

    • Hi Alberta,
      Because you skip stitches in your chain making the stitch it can make it really easy to add an extra stitch or two. It is a really good idea to count when you are making your first round of the edging. Also blocking the blanket will help with any “waviness”. I hope you enjoyed making the blanket. 🙂


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